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Below is a list of fruit in Fruit Ninja, including all of the regular fruit that makes up the general slicing gameplay:

Regular Fruit:

Red Apples
Green Apples
Yellow Bananas

Special Fruit:

Dragon Fruits/Pitayas:

These are incredibly rare fruits which reward you with 50 points if you slice them. It can show up in Classic and Arcade modes, but many players will never even encounter it without a lot of play time.


These can appear during both Classic and Arcade modes. In Arcade mode, one always appears at the end of the round. In Classic mode, the appearance is random. You can slice them as many times as possible for extra points. They will eventually explode, destroying everything on screen.

Magic Beans - These add 25 points, or can give you an extra life.
Pooja Coconuts - These take two or more slices to destroy.

Blue Aura Fruit - These add one point to your fruit.

Red Aura Fruit - These subtract three points from your Opponent's Fruit.

White Aura Fruit - These can add three points to anyone's Fruit.

Starfruit - You can use these to purchase new blades and other unlockables.

Tiny Fruit - These are tricky as they cannot be destroyed until you have sliced all larger fruits.
Mega Fruit - These split into 2 Giant Fruit once it has been sliced.
Giant Fruit - These split into 2 Grand Fruits once it has been sliced.
Grand Fruit - These split into 2 Big Fruits once it has been sliced.
Big Fruit - These spilt into 2 fruits once it has been sliced.

Bonus Bananas:

Double Bananas - These double the score.

Frenzy Bananas - These cause a frenzy of fruit to occur.

Freeze Bananas - These slow down time, the appearance of bombs, and the speed of incoming fruits.


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How do u get cheats

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447814


Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422331

maybe you don't have the updated version yet because I have Fruit Ninja and in classic mode and in arcade mode there are pomegranates but not in zen mode and what do the limes look like in Fruit Ninja?

Added 25th Jun 2014, ID #406397

What does a dragon fruit on the game look like and what Is the cheat for getting a dragon blade

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332616

dragon fruits are pinkish red and has thorns sticking out..I don't know about you, but thats how I think it looks like

Added 15th Sep 2013, ID #309711

Maybe the version u have it diffrent. dragon fruits are in 1.81

Added 26th Jun 2013, ID #292896

if u need dragon fruit,,,fail one game with no fruits,fail one game with exactly 69 fruits,fail 1 game with exactly 99 fruits,,then in the next game u wll get dragon fruit

Added 28th May 2013, ID #286031

what is "strawberry fruit fact"

Added 2nd Mar 2013, ID #260205

I need a pic of a dragon fruit!!!! Does anyone have one???

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231355

I love this game!

Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230649

It is because you have different versions, There is
Fruit Ninja
Fruit Ninja HD
Fruit Ninja THD
Fruit Ninja Frenzy
Fruit Ninja Kinect
Fruit Ninja Puss in Boots

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212166

Yo everybody I figured it out!

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212165

When do you see Big or Great fruits? What the heck? I've never encountered these, and I've played enough to see numerous dragonfruits...

Added 19th Oct 2012, ID #198327

This game rocks :D

Added 25th Jul 2012, ID #168231

I'm just wondering... Why do pomegranates never appear on my FruitNinja game? My friend, who has FruitNinja on his iTouch, has pomegranates all the time - and he only has classic mode - but I have classic, arcade and zen and I never see pomegranates in classic or at the end of arcade.

Added 22nd May 2012, ID #144520

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