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- This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...
Fallout 3

- This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Mothership Zeta Guide

This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

|ITEMS: [] Container x2, [] Large Alien Crystal x4.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Weapons Lab:                                                           |
|       ------------                                                           |
|       [] Container, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien Crystal x3,    |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x6,|
|       [] Alien Biogel x3, [] Alien Power Module x2, [] Atomic Pulverizer x2, |
|       [] Alien Power Cell x4 (12), [] Buttercup Toy, [] Container x2,        |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] ACRL 24, [] Container, [] Alien Power   |
|          Cell x7, [] Frag Mine x6, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x7,          |
|       [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Plasma Mine x4, [] Pulse Grenade x3,            |
|       [] Microfusion Cell x4, [] Energy Cell x4, [] Container.               |
|                                                                              |
|       Xenotech Perk.                                                       |
|                                                                              |
|       Experimentation Lab:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Container x2, [] ACRL 20, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Alien Epoxy,       |
|       [] Small Alien Crystals, [] Large Alien Crystal x4, [] Alien Biogel x7,|
|       [] Container, [] ACRL 10, [] Container, [] Alien Biogel x2, ACRL 9.    |
|                                                                              |
|       Biological Research:                                                   |
|       --------------------                                                   |
|       [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien Epoxy x2, [] Alien Biogel x2, [] Large     |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] ACRL 18, [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Small      |
|          Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Epoxy x4, [] Alien Power Cell x8,        |
|       [] Large Alien Crystal, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy x3, [] Alien      |
|          Biogel x2, [] Small Alien Crystal x2, [] Alien Biogel.              |
|                                                                              |
|       Death Ray Hub:                                                         |
|       --------------                                                         |
|       [] Container, [] Container, [] Container x2, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Alien  |
|          Biogel x3, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container.                            |
|                                                                              |
|       Living Quarters:                                                       |
|       ----------------                                                       |
|       [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Container, [] Container, [] Alien     |
|          Biogel, [] ACRL 23, [] Small Alien Crystal x4, [] Large Alien       |
|          Crystal x3, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy, [] Small Alien Crystal x3,|
|       [] Large Alien Crystal x2, [] Container, [] Alien Epoxy.               |
|                                                                              |
|       The Bridge:                                                            |
|       -----------                                                            |
|       [] Captain's Sidearm.                                                  |
|                                                                              |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Aliens      o Guardian Dromes      o Abomination     o Turrets     |
|         o Alien Captain                                                      |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 600 EXP Captain's Sidearm.                                    |
|                                                                              |

Hit the switch to start the decompression sequence and go through the hatch.  In this room, activate the teleporter which allows your friends and Sally to join the fun.  Also loot the two [CONTAINERS] in this room while Sally unlocks the door.

Stand in awe at the planet and ‘listen’ to the angry alien hologram.  Looks like they got a trick up their sleeve, and you’d better destroy their Death Ray before it can do any harm to the planet.

Head down the hall and you’ll find that the Aliens have shut down yet another teleporter.  Check this room for [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x4], then head through the door.

Weapons Lab:

[video to follow]

In this hall, destroy the turrets and search your left for a [CONTAINER].  As you proceed, an Alien and Guardian Drone will attack you from behind (they spawn from the teleporters).  Dispatch them and return to the shelves, which hold four [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL], three [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL], two [ALIEN BIOGEL] and two [ALIEN EPOXY].

Go through the hall and activate the door with the panel.  Inside you’ll find a [CONTAINER], six [ALIEN EPOXY], [ALIEN BIOGEL x3], [ALIEN POWER MODULE x2], [ALIEN POWER CELL x4 (12)], two [ATOMIC PULVERIZERS] - which are unique Alien Atomizers, and the [BUTTERCUP TOY], a rare misc. item.

As you continue, the southern side of the walkway is blocked by a force field, so head the in the other direction.  At the far end of the walkway, feel free to make use of the archway and flip the switch, then go downstairs.  Loot the two nearby [CONTAINERS] and defeat the spawned Alien and Guardian Drome.

Go through the eastern doorway and you’ll reach another big hall.  Loot a [CONTAINER] on the right, then head up the stairs to the east. Before proceeding through the southern doorway, loot the [CONTAINER] next to it.

In what appears to be another control center, look around for the [ACRL 24] and a [CONTAINER].  Flip the western switches and check the room on the west.  The Expiremental Weapons Drones can be destroyed to obtain the unique drone cannon [DRONE CANNON EX-B].

Explore the entire southern wall to find [ALIEN POWER CELL x7], [FRAG MINE x6], a [CONTAINER], Tesla Armor and Combat Armor, [ALIEN EPOXY x7], [ALIEN BIOGEL x2], [PLASMA MINE x4], [PULSE GRENADE x3], [PLASMA GRENADE x3], a Gatling Laser, [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x3], [MICROFUSION CELL x4], [ENERGY CELL x4], a Plasma Rifle, Plasma Pistol and Metal Armor.

Getting the Xenotech Perk and Destabilizer:
Head to the north and you’ll be at some sort of shooting range.  You can find the [DESTABILIZER], a unique Alien Disintegrator on the right (south) of this shooting range.

Press the switch and kill the targets that come through the teleporter (Brahmins).  Also loot the nearby [CONTAINER].  At the far north is another shooting range. Activate the switch, kill everything that comes through the teleporters and you’ll get the Xenotech Perk: 20% Damage with Alien Weapons.

Head back to the previous hall, and make your way to the doorway on the northeast.  Head upstairs and go through the door to access the Experimentation Lab.

Experimentation Lab:
Explore the room with the actual experimentation chairs to the north (which look brutal to say the least) and search around for two [CONTAINERS] and the [ACRL 20].  Proceed down the western hallway and explore the first room on your right for two [ALIEN BIOGEL].  The door to your left leads to a small room with an [ALIEN EPOXY], four [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS] and four [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTALS].

The last door on your left requires the panel to open.  Inside you can find [ALIEN BIOGEL x7], a dead wastelander (read: loot), and a healing archway.  Inside the western hall, look to your left to spot a [CONTAINER].  Activate the controls in the NW corner to find [ACRL 10]. 

Hit the controls in the middle of the room and do your thing - this’ll disable the force field that was blocking the SW doorway.  Explore the hall, loot a [CONTAINER] and make your way to the lab where you’ll need to dispatch a new type of enemy called Abomination.  They’re not tough and need to come up close to deal any damage, so dispatch them quickly.

Search the lab with the Abominations to find two [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground, along with two [CONTAINERS] and the controls for the [ACRL 9].  Exit the area by the southwest door that leads to the Biological Research area.

Biological Research:

[video to follow]

Activate the door controls and grab three [ALIEN EPOXIES] in the small room.  The large hall contains surprisingly little, but a few Abominations are good for a little scare in the dark.  Head upstairs, where you’ll find an archway.  Check the northern side of this area to find two [ALIEN EPOXY], two [ALIEN BIOGEL] and two [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL].  Also flip the controls in this area to collect the [ACRL 18].  The shelves to the NW contain another [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS]. 

Enter the southern room from here and dispatch two Aliens inside.  This room has no loot, so deactivate the force field and be on your way.  Proceed over the catwalk and head downstairs. The shelves to the east contain four [ALIEN EPOXY], [8x ALIEN POWER CELL - 7x12 and 1x25), a [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL] and a [CONTAINER] nearby.  The other shelves nearby the stairs contain [ALIEN EPOXY x3], [ALIEN BIOGEL x2] and two [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTALS].  You should also be able to find a loose [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground near some crates.

Head back upstairs and activate the only currently active teleporter to reach the Death Ray Hub.

Death Ray Hub:
Explore the northern area and unlock the door on the NW with the panel to find a [CONTAINER].  You can also rewire the Support Drone to become an ally.  The room to the SW has another [CONTAINER] and a Support Drone. 
Head south and unlock the first door to your left to find two [CONTAINERS], an [ALIEN EPOXY] and three [ALIEN BIOGEL].  Make your way to the next hub and fiddle with the controls on your right to disable any turrets.  Go downstairs, proceed east, dispatch another Alien and explore the room with the two force fields to find an [ALIEN EPOXY].

Activate the switch to deactivate the force field and go down the long walkway, dispatching a few more Aliens along the way.  You’ll also come across a room that holds a [CONTAINER] and an archway.  All the way downstairs, head through the door to Death Ray Control.

Death Ray Control:
In the control room, dispatch the Aliens and press the left control button to have another generator submerge on the left.  Destroy it and do the same with the second generator.  You’ll then be assaulted by a group of Aliens - dispatch them and destroy the other two generators afterwards.

After destroying all four generators, exit the area by the western teleporter, which brings you to the Living Quarters.

Living Quarters:
Proceed through the hall and wait until the forcefield goes down - destroy the turret and Abomination afterwards.  Before heading upstairs, search this room for a [CONTAINER].  In the next room, dispatch several aliens and turrets and hop downstairs.
The room to your right (west) with two Statis Chambers contains an [ALIEN EPOXY] while the room to your left (east) contains nothing.  There’s also an archway on the right side.  Head upstairs and destroy the forcefield beamers by shooting them from a fair distance - their explosion radius is fairly big.

The room on the west contains a [CONTAINER], and the other western room - previously blocked by the force fields - contains another [CONTAINER].  The eastern room doesn’t hold anything, so proceed down either stairs behind the southern doors.
Head east first, waste two aliens and destroy the forcefield beamer.  At the far end of the halls you’ll find reach a room with the samurai you released earlier, Toshiro Kago, and a large pile of alien bodies to loot.  You can find an [ALIEN BIOGEL] on the ground amongst the bodies.

Return to the intersection and head west - activate the support drone as you walk by.  Continue west and dispatch a group of aliens as you head inside a recreation room.  Destroy the turrets ASAP, then collect the [ACRL 23] from this room.  The adjacent western room is guarded by another turret, but contains [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x4] and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x3].

Continue north, loot the [CONTAINER] there, and look around for an [ALIEN EPOXY], [SMALL ALIEN CRYSTAL x3] and [LARGE ALIEN CRYSTAL x2] on a small table.  You’ll now be on the other side of the force field beamer.  Head left (north) upstairs - activate the drone if you’d like - and waste an Abomination and two Turrets in this room.

The large hall is home of another few Abominations.  Head upstairs, dispatch any of them, then explore the eastern room for a [CONTAINER] and [ALIEN EPOXY].  Proceed west when you’re ready and you’ll cross another archway.  The teleporter at the end finally takes you to the bridge.

The Bridge:

[video to follow]

Here, simply take out the crew and the Alien Captain, who holds the unique [CAPTAIN’S SIDEARM].  Your team storms in (along with two Aliens - waste them).  After securing the bridge, the attacking spaceship needs to be destroyed fast!

Click on the ‘Fire Control’ button on the right to fire.  You can’t continuously fire, but in the meantime there’s plenty to do:  Aliens will keep assaulting the bridge.  Make sure you waste them every now and then to keep things under control.  The Samurai will make his entrance too, but you’ll have to flip all four switches on the west and east side of the bridge first to unlock the door to his teleporter.

Meanwhile, battling the spaceship isn’t all that hard.  The button on the left, the ‘Power Distribution’, indicates where the ship’s power is going to.

Left Button = Shields at full power, Death Ray at minimum power.
Middle Button = Shields at medium power, Death Ray at medium power.
Right Button = Shields at minimum power, Death Ray at maximum power.

Try and raise the shields when you think you’re about to get hit, and always flip the switch to power the Death Ray when you’re about to fire.  Keep this up until you’vre destroyed the alien ship.  Meanwhile, also keep dispatching any aliens that enter the bridge.  When the ship blows up, the aliens have been defeated!

By now, Elliot will come to the bridge and tell you that a beacon was fired near DC - you can now go home!  Head inside the southern room.  The Weapons Workbench here allows you to create custom weapons if you have the required items.  Of course, the teleporter brings you back to earth, while the other teleporter leads back to the Engineering Core, allowing for any unfinished exploration.

You can return to Mothership Zeta any time you’d like, but many areas will be blocked off, so there’s not much point in going back other than looting some generic alien items from the main halls.

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Comments for - This Galaxy Ain't Big Enough...

14 comments, latest first.
ID #190712 | Oct 1st 2012 Homegrown hero
how do you get into thedeath ray hub if both teleporters r active. i cant figure it out and cant continue. anyone got any ideas
ID #116414 | Feb 19th 2012 Guest
New Vegas aint better at all. It's good but for me Fallout 3 is amazing. I recently bought the game of the year version after originally completing the normal f3 and i love it. I really hope they makew Fallout 4.
ID #73813 | Sep 10th 2011 Guest
Here is an answer for everyones questions.... GO PLAY NEW VEGAS ITS BETTER!!!
ID #27081 | Jan 28th 2011 Guest
people.. if you can't enter somewhere... you can try and use tcl.. :D
ID #23676 | Jan 2nd 2011 jasonodo
i cant get to the weapons lab cause there is a door blockin me, help!!
ID #22935 | Dec 29th 2010 Guest
ive gotten to a door just before the weapons lab that is looked. i cant get passed the room where u can c earth thru the glas floor. can anoyone help me or tell me where ive gone wrong??
ID #16273 | Oct 25th 2010 plainspartan117
im having the exact same problem im not having any1 come thro the teleporter and i cantr continue till some1 does i cant go bak n find out either coz i saved just as i got out onto the outside of the ship b4 the activating of the open panel things so i cood use the teleporter to the decompression chamber then where the teleporter is
ID #8620 | Aug 12th 2010 Guest
I'm having the exact same problem as the two people above me... And for the life of me, I can't figure it out... Its a real bummer, and I can't continue on with the game at all.
ID #8331 | Aug 10th 2010 Guest
i also activated the teleporter and sally didnt come through, any ideas why?
ID #7778 | Aug 6th 2010 Guest
i activated the teleporter and waited like 10 mins but knowbody came threw
ID #2972 | Jul 4th 2010 Guest
I have another question aside from the above, what is the aftermath of manually aiming the Death Ray at Earth and initiating the firing sequence?
ID #2970 | Jul 4th 2010 Guest
After finishing this quest what happens to Soma, she has a repair skill of 100 and I find it hard to believe the Bethesda devs just made her only for the Mothership Zeta questline, this guide mentions intel on unique items but nothing is written explaining the unique people of this dlc other than the obvious and they are just as good as the items so my question is if Soma teleports to earth just as the lone wanderer, where can I find her after teleporting to earth the first time?
ID #361 | Jun 12th 2010 Guest
you have to have the game of the year addition and add the quest to your game or download it from xbox live add ons.
ID #290 | Jun 11th 2010 Guest
how do you even get this quest? this 'walkthrough' doesn't say how you get the quest. I found the recon place where the ship crash is and got the radio signal, stood there for about 5 mins or so and nothing at all happened. =\
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