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The Waters of Life
Fallout 3

The Waters of Life

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Walkthrough

The Waters of Life

|ITEMS: [] Three Dog's Cache Key, [] RadAway, [] Chinese Army: Spec Ops.       |
|       Training Manual, [] Bottlecap Mine, [] Jet, [] First Aid Box,          |
|       [] Psycho, [] Eyebot Helmet, [] First Aid Box, [] Mentats, [] Nuka-Cola|
|       Quantum, [] Jet x3, [] RadAway, [] RadAway, [] 5.56mm Rounds x24, 2x   |
|       .32 Caliber Rounds x5, [] .32 Pistol, [] Ammo Box x3, [] First Aid Box,|
|       [] Beer x5, [] Ammo Box, [] Safe, [] Jet, [] Med-X.                    |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Enclave Soldier    o Feral Ghoul    o Glowing One                  |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 700 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Note: Now is an excellent time to have a chat with Three Dog about your reward for his quest.  Fast Travel to the GNR Building Plaza before anything.  Talk to Three Dog and tell him you found your dad.  He'll throw in an addition reward.  Fast Travel to the Washington Monument, go inside and ride the bronze elevator up.  Fix the Relay and head back to Three Dog.  Tell him you felt it kinda was a waste of time and he'll hand you the [THREE DOG'S CACHE KEY].

The Hamilton's Hideaway marker is placed on your worldmap.  Fast Travel to Vault 101 (perhaps fetch Dogmeat, too?) and head from there.  Go through the iron door in the walls and search the place.  There are a few Raiders and Radscorpions here.  Get the loot from the Northeastern part of the area, then get out of there.  Also see [EXP5.1].

This is the cache inside Hamilton's Hideway that Three Dog was talking about. It's not too shabby.

Note: Assign your weapons back to their quickspots (With the D-Pad, 1, 2, etc..)

Talk to dad to find out what's been going on, and start the next quest.  Leave the Vault and Garage, then fast travel to Rivet City.  Your dad will make it to the Science Lab on his own, as we're about to see when you enter the Science Lab.  After the conversation, exit Rivet City (unless you have business to attend to) and fast travel to Jefferson Memorial.  This area should be cleared from not too long ago, so make your way to the Rotunda and meet up with dad.

A mixture of looking like a young Jon Voigt and George Clooney, and with the voice of Liam Neeson, your dad is a true charismatic leader, and a dad to be proud of.

He'll ask you to help him - make your way to the basement, go past the room with the beds, head left (south) at the intersection, and look for a device on the eastern wall.  Return to dad, who'll give you some fuses. Head back into the basement once more, past the bed room, head right at the intersection, and go into the room on the left of the pool room.  The fuses can be placed here.  Head back upstairs to the room with the gore bag and open the door on the west.  Hit the button to turn the power back on and speak with dad through the intercom.

Head inside the hallway to place the fuses.

Go back to the very beginning of the area, the worldmap entrance/exit door, and walk all the way to the east to enter a pipe - which needs some tweaking apparently.  At the very end, turn the valve and watch things get out of hand..  Continue through the pipe, but be careful for the Enclave Soldier on guard.

Turn this valve and your life will forever change. No, it's not a magic valve, but just wait and see..

Drop down and head back upstairs to deal with the Soldier.

Note: The Laser Rifles are worth several hundred bottle caps.  Try and do your best to collect as many of them as possible to sell later on.  You may also want to collect a Power Armor (or several and repair them with each other), because you'll soon learn how to equip it.

The Enclave have some of the most powerful troops in the wasteland.

Make your way to the Rotunda and kill another Enclave Soldier on your way.  Watch the dialog and follow Doctor Li at once until you find a manhole.  Talk to everyone here and make sure they follow you.  Head northeast and open the door in the next walkway. Follow the tunnel and you'll get to an intersection.

You find yourself wondering who the heck this dickhead is, and why G.W. Bush is his voiceover.

The southern tunnel leads to a highly radiated area and dead-end, in which you can only find a single [RADAWAY], as to compromise the fact that you went the wrong way.  No, instead head north until you get to a terminal which Doctor Li must use.  In the large room many Enclave Soldiers must be held back; Make sure they can't reach the Scientists.

You don't have to go in this room, and it would be better not to due to the 4 Enclave Soldiers shooting maniacally on you.  But.. On a desk at the right part of this large room you can find the [CHINESE ARMY: SPEC OPS. TRAINING MANUAL].  Check out the [FIRST AID BOX] nearby the terminal where Doctor Li is doing her best trying to open the doors.

Continue down the tunnel by heading west and take care of the Ghouls here.  The room to the west has a Workbench, but it's probably not going to be of much use right now.  A well hidden [BOTTLECAP MINE] can be found under the workbench.  In the tunnel ahead, look for a [JET] on a table, and continue until you reach an area with a radio and some skeletons. Check behind the radio to find a well hidden [PSYCHO].

Garza's Fate:
At some point, if he's still alive, Garza (one of the scientists) needs medicine before he can continue any further.  You have many options to deal with this, although there is only one that leads to good Karma.
1. [Good Karma] Hand over 5 Stimpaks to heal Garza up.
2.     ---      Speech Challenge Doctor Li to give him 3 Buffout Medicine.
3. [Bad Karma]  Speech Challenge Doctor Li that Garza is slowing everyone down.
4. [Bad Karma]  Speech Challenge Garza himself that he should stay behind.
5. [Bad Karma]  Kill Garza.
6. [Bad Karma]  Continue your search through the tunnels, and when you come back, Garza will already be dead.

Whatever you choose, continue through the tunnels afterwards.

Make your way through the straightforward tunnels and doors until your reach a larger area. You'll have to make your way to the west, but when you reach the top of the stairs, two more Enclave Soldiers will ambush you from a platform on the east. Have the rest wait in the hall before you enter this room, then kill them (use the pillars for cover) and proceed.  Check the [FOOTLOCKER] and the [EYEBOT HELMET], go upstairs, kill two Ghouls and search the Enclave Soldier body before you proceed.

Proceed with caution in the chamber with the higher catwalks and expect to be attacked by two Enclave Troops.

The room on the southwest contains a [FIRST AID BOX], and you can find a very stimulating package of [MENTATS] in the toilet.  Also grab the [JET x3]; two on the floor near the skeleton, one on the desk, and the well hidden [RADAWAY] between the surgery bed and the table with turpentine.  Head through the northwest tunnels to proceed and take care of a Ghoul or three.  While moving through, check the table on your south for a [NUKA-COLA QUANTUM].

If you have a 75 Lockpick skill you can pick the door at the NE of the tunnel and find a bunch of ghouls and goodies. If you don't have 75 Lockpick Skill, don't worry, we'll get to this soon.  Actually, even if you do have the skill it's better to wait..
Move through the double doors west and don't mistake the Brotherhood Soldier for an enemy; He's here to help you, so quickly run past him with the scientists and have him scorch the ghouls that rush from where you came from.  He's helped by the turret, so the ghouls quickly die.  Loot the ghouls and check the shelves for [RADAWAY], [5.56MM ROUNDS x24], two [.32 CALIBER ROUNDS x5], a [.32 PISTOL] three [AMMO BOXES] and a [FIRST AID BOX].

Although his name is never explicitly mentioned, this Initiate may also be referred to as Rambo. He has a few brothers in the hood as well.

Remember the locked door from just now?  Return and voila!  Apparently the ghouls opened it from the inside out.  Have the scientists wait and check it out.  In the room with the stairs, hop on the railing to reach the metal beams near the ceiling.  You'll find [BEER x5] and an [AMMO BOX] here.  At the end of the dead-end tunnel you'll find an easy to pick [SAFE].  I must say that there wasn't quite much inside for me personally (few Bottle Caps and Pre-war Money).

Head back and continue through the tunnels.  Near the exit, snatch a [JET] and [MED-X] from the table near the chair.  Finally, head outside and proceed to the building.  Let Docter Li handle the talking, and the Brotherhood will let you inside.  Follow Docter Li and the quest will be completed.

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Comments for The Waters of Life

10 comments, latest first.
ID #393892 | Jun 4th 2014 Guest
I killed garza before and the stupid doctor won't move
ID #297317 | Jul 14th 2013 KingofCorn
I need help I have been stuck on this mission for over a year. At the end of the mission where Dr. Li has to climb the ladder through the manhole to the citadel she stops at the base of the ladder. If you talk to her all she says is "We have to make it through the tunnels follow me and stay quiet" and all you can say is "I have to go now". If I restart the save before the mission I lose a years worth of work including all the DLC missions and a dozen side missions. What do I do?
ID #149172 | Jun 5th 2012 Guest
I always get stuck in the room where there are about four Enclave soldiers shooting at you. Do you know the best/most effective way to kill them? Would using a Fat Man, along with a bombardment of grenades work?
ID #97274 | Dec 21st 2011 Guest
give more information
ID #97272 | Dec 21st 2011 Guest
realy nice girl
ID #76997 | Sep 27th 2011 Guest
I have a massive glitch problem in Waters Of Life after I replace the fuses and go to leave that area the game freezes. Any suggestions?
ID #64988 | Aug 7th 2011 Guest
Shane, you have bad, irresponsible parents. :(
ID #34365 | Mar 26th 2011 Guest
You wrote such a good walkthrough, (thanks), so, I'm curious, what do you think are the best perks?
ID #32482 | Mar 13th 2011 Guest
Any tips on what to do if the people don't go inside and instead tell me to clear it out when the rotunda and gift shop areas are cleared out.
ID #32165 | Mar 11th 2011 Guest
thanks man im gonna try it my names shane and im 9
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