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Picking Up the Trail
Fallout 3

Picking Up the Trail

Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Walkthrough

Picking Up the Trail

|ITEMS: [] Plasma Rifle, [] Power Armor, [] Holotag, [] Guns and Bullets,      |
|       [] Elder Owyn Lyons - Personal Log 1.                                  |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Super Mutant    o Super Mutant Brute    o Mole Rat                 |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 800 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

Doctor Li is an old acquaintance of Elder Lyons. Good for you.

Watch the dialog between Elder Lyons and Li.  Talk to Lyons about everything you wish to know about the Brotherhood, especially Power Training, then make your way to the square.

Please, pretty please?

Look around for Paladin Gunny and have him train your Power Suit skills.  From now on you can wear Power Armor suits.  If the square is empty, wait several hours and see the activity rise.

Your boss said yes .. so .. Please?

Enter through the doors on the southwest, and go down the tube.  Take a look at your map and locate Scribe Rothchild.  While you're in the lab, check out the northern room - which is the armory - and find a [PLASMA RIFLE] on the table.  Also talk to Durga, the armory quartermaster.  She'll deny access, but if you talk to Elder Lyons about this, it will no longer be an issue. Yay for the circumstances. :)

Also pay a visit to the eastern room of the upper lab level.  You'll not only find a [POWER ARMOR] here, but a potential follower named Star Paladin Cross.  She can hold the Power Armor you just found, too!

Star Paladin Cross stands for the good.

After speaking with the Scribe, go back outside and enter the door to Ring A.  Here, locate the terminal and access the menu: DC Area Vault Listings -> Vault 87 -> Equipment Issuances.

Scribe Rothchild is the one you want to speak to in order to proceed with the story.

You can also check this area for Scribe Jameson.  She can tell you all (and much more) about Holotags.  In fact, she'll offer you 100 Bottle Caps for every single Holotag you give her.

In fact, you can collect an other Holotag in this area.  Go to the northwestern room known as the ‘Den'. Look for the [HOLOTAG] on a table.  Also be sure to check out any Filing Cabinets for ammunition.  In the room east of The Den you can find a [GUNS AND BULLETS] Skill Book at the feet-end the righternmost bed.

Check out the B-Ring area and enter the Hospital room.  Find [MED-X x2] and a malfunctioning robot.  You can fix it up by giving a Science related answer.  The ‘Very Hard' Safe is best left alone for now.

In The Solar room you can find [ELDER OWYN LYONS - PERSONAL LOG 1] and another Very Hard Safe.  Check the rest of the rooms in B-Ring and check all Lockers, Cabinets, Desks and Footlockers to find quite some ammunition.

Head back to the Scribe in the labs and tell him what you now know.  Follow him to retrieve more information, and you can be off to your next destination.

When you're back on the worldmap, fast travel to Smith Casey's Garage, which is closest to your new destination.  The Lamplight Caverns aren't very difficult to find, but be wary of Super Mutants and the like.  Upon finding the cave, enter.  When you reach a Stop Sign, save your game.

Proceed and a kid will talk to you.  Two options are available.  You can try and win the Speech Challenge to be let in, or you're going to have to do the next Main Quest below: Rescue from Paradise.

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Comments for Picking Up the Trail

3 comments, latest first.
ID #156794 | Jun 25th 2012 Shiftyshadee
Try looking for him during the morning hours say around 8 or 9am. He should be in the courtyard, I found him in one of the shooting ranges. Hope that helps.
ID #156189 | Jun 24th 2012 calvinlee
I can't find paladin gunny anywhere in the courtyard /square, elder lyons says he's in the bailey, where exactly can I find him so I can wear the power armor?
ID #63301 | Aug 1st 2011 Guest
y when i talk to josheph he wont take me no where
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