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Fallout 3


Fallout 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by Absolute Steve  

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Fallout 3 Guide - Walkthrough


|ITEMS: [] 10mm Pistol, [] Baseball Bat, Med-X, 10x Stimpak, [] Vodka x2,      |
|       [] Tunnel Snake Outfit, [] 2x Stimpak, [] Conductor, [] Paint Gun,     |
|       [] Sensor Module, [] Overseer's Office Key, [] 10x Shotgun Shells,     |
|       [] 3x Pre-war Money, [] 7x Darts, [] 3x Pre-war Money,                 |
|       [] 31x 10mm Rounds, 3x Pre-war Money, [] 6x Darts, [] Note from Dad,   |
|       [] Stimpak, [] Vault Lab Uniform, [] 2x Pre-war Money, 12x 10mm Rounds,|
|       [] 120x 10mm Rounds, [] 3x Stimpak, [] 2x Mentats, [] Sensor Module,   |
|       [] Paint Gun, [] Sensor Module, [] 6x Bobby Pin.                       |
|                                                                              |
|ENEMIES: o Radroaches    o Vault Security Guards                              |
|                                                                              |
|QUEST REWARD: 200 EXP.                                                        |
|                                                                              |

When you're awakened, talk Amata into helping you, and she'll give you the handy [10MM PISTOL].  If you want to get revenge on the Overseer, you'll get negative karma.  Check the drawers in this room; They hold the things you collected in your childhood.  If you're more of a Melee person, grab the [BASEBALL BAT] too.  You can notice a medkit hanging on the wall near the door. Search it for a [MED-X] and [10 STIMPAKS]!

Note: To considerably conserve ammo, enter the VATS attack menu and aim for the torso of the radroaches.  With one or two hits they'll be disposed of.

Outside the room, one of the guards will attack you, but in turn he's attacked by Radroaches.  Let them have at it, and take out the survivors.  I suggest you equip the Pistol from here on.  Search the guard and equip his clothing for a better defense.  Move through the straightforward halls until you run into no other than Butch.  You have several options here: 1. Help him out (Reward: [TUNNEL SNAKE OUTFIT].  2. Talk him into handling it himself.  3. Leave him be.

Your karmic adventure begins here. Are you an evil or a good person?

I suggest you help his mom, but act fast.  Head after Butch and storm the rooms. Dispose of the Radroaches and be done with it.  Grab two [VODKA] from the floor and exit the room.  It should be noted that - should you decide to act nasty - you can kill Butch and get his Outfit, along with a Switchblade and two very handy Purified Waters (restore 20 HP).  I highly urge you not to kill him though; he can be a follower later on.  You can check out the restroom on the opposite of Butch Mom's room, on the east.  Here you can take a dump ( 30 HP) or drink water (same) without any penalties.  You'll find that later on in the game, doing these things will also grand you a restoration of HP, but at the small cost of getting close to radiation.

Go down the hallway on check out the room on your right, but only if you want to kill some Radroaches for experience - there's nothing of value to be found. Continue through the straightforward halls until you stumble upon Officer Gomez fighting off some Radroaches.  He's on your side, so help him out.  Head into the room where Andy the robot came out of, and search the middle of the room - nearby the fallen cart - to find [2 STIMPAKS].  If you hadn't picked up the Medicine Bobblehead, you can find it in the next room.  Exit and go to trough the door at the end of the hall that leads to the Atrium.

Andy may not be ‘cut out' to be a cake-splitter, but he deals with Radroaches just fine. It ‘s certainly a better job for him than, say, surgery…

Here, a guy will be shot by two officers.  Kill them if you must, but be careful in the process.  They both hold 10mm Pistols plus some ammo.  I suggest you also take their armor and baton, because they make a decent profit at this point of the game.  You'll sell them soon enough.  Make your way up stairs, deal with some more Radroaches and proceed past the yelling man behind glass.  You may also have to deal with the Security Chief Hannon.  Once there, you'll find a mechanic nearby a toolbox - which holds [CONDUCTOR], [PAINT GUN] and [SENSOR MODULE], typical items you can sell later on.

Make your way through the room and you'll find Amata being interrogated by the Overseer and a guard.  If you didn't take the gun from Amata, she'll use this against the guard.  In any case, head into the room, blow the guard's head off and talk to the Overseer.  Say you want the key, then answer that you'll hurt Amata if he won't.  This will give you the best result, and the password and the [OVERSEER'S OFFICE KEY] will be given to you.  Check the locker to find a [STIMPAK], and search the drawers of the left desk to find [10 SHOTGUN SHELLS], [PRE-WAR MONEY] and [7 DARTS]. The right desk holds [3 PRE-WAR MONEY] also, and the weapon lockers on the right hold [10MM ROUNDS x31] plus some armor you may already have.

Your crush is in trouble, better help her out. Oh, you're female you say? Well … She could still be your crush …

Continue and head into the room to your right. Drink from the Water Fountain to restore health without any radiation penalty (which you'll often see happening later in the game). Check the desk for [3 PRE-WAR MONEY] and [6 DARTS], then search Jonas for the [NOTE FROM DAD], [STIMPAK] and [VAULT LAB UNIFORM]. The desk next to him hold [2 PRE-WAR MONEY].  Head into the room on the left and talk to Amata.  Continue to the next room north, search the dresser and find the Overseer's Office Key if you hadn't already done so.  You can also grab [12x 10MM ROUNDS] from it.  The other room on the west of Amata holds [5x BOBBY PINS] in the dresser.  Head south and open the door with the acquired key.

Search the lockers to find [120x 10MM ROUNDS], [3 STIMPAKS], [2 MENTATS], and the Overseer's Terminal Password if you hadn't gotten it from him personally.  Bow over the PC and use it to open the Overseer's Tunnel.  You can also read loads of info on this terminal.  Make your way to the Vault Entrance.

Open Sesame!

After opening the door with the switch, talk to Amata and two guards will harass your special moment with her.  Waste them, and enter the door they came through.  The room on the north holds a toolbox with a [SENSOR MODULE] and another toolbox with [PAINT GUN] and [SENSOR MODULE]. Besides, you can grab the [6x BOBBY PINS] from the table.  It is also possible to return to the previous area (by going west), but the only thing you're going to find are a bunch of Radroaches.  Free experience, that's all.  Exit the Vault and you'll be at the world map.  You will be given one last chance to modify any changes to your character.  Choose well.

Note: I suggest you NEVER delete this savegame, especially if it is a ‘perfect' starting savegame (with as much goodies you could have grabbed).  You can create characters from this point onward without having to do the whole introductory level again.
Note: If you're going for a ‘perfect' character, as in, the most powerful and best balanced character you can create, go for the following SPECIAL stats.  This is based on a very thorough analysis which I will devote an explanatory section to later on.  For now, trust me with these stats:

      STR: 8, PER: 5, END: 7, CHR: 1, INT: 5, AGL: 7, LCK: 7

Note: Recommended Skils to tag are Lockpick, Repair and Small Guns.  Science can also be useful, but you'd best just boost it the next few levels.

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