Baby Steps

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Fallout 3 Guide - Walkthrough

Baby Steps

Note: I'll say it again, things in Boxes, Desks, Medkits .. are random.  I describe what's inside for reference.  Grab what you find useful, then tick off the checklist what the Guide listed as found to ensure that you grab all goodies for your playthrough.  Good luck! And throughout this guide each page has a printer friendly option, just look up a bit in the small text on the right for the printer friendly link.


The game has a fine introductory chapter in which you'll customize your character.  Go ahead, give your guy or gal a name.  When allowed to move around, walk to daddy, who tricks you and ‘locks' you up.  Walk out of the pen and take a look at the booklet on the left.  Upon examination, you'll find that it's yet another tweak to your character.  Do whatever you please, but for now it's best to not go over the value of 9 for any stat.  I suggest you crank up Charisma for now - you'll get some dialogue you may want to manipulate.  Besides, you get the chance to adjust the settings before you leave for ‘the real world' out there anyway.  By then, you can pick whatever you like.


This is an excellent all-round built.

Note: Have you gotten a strange feeling as if you knew the voice of your dad?

You're right, perhaps you DO know his voice! It's the voice of the actor Liam Neeson (Star Wars I, Schindlers List, Batman Begins). Very clever of the creators to have him do voice acting; Now daddy is a dad even more so.