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Follow the dark path or use the light


Silver Keys

Fable 3 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Silver Keys

Aurora (2)

Aurora Silver Key #1


Aurora Silver Key #2


Bowerstone Castle (2)

Bowerstone Castle Silver Key


(Bowerstone Castle – Catacombs)
In case you missed it the first time around, the Catacombs can be accessed once again once you've become ruler of the land. Just enter the catacombs using the same entrance you've used before during your escape. The Silver Key can be easily acquired when you first escaped the castle. Once you've reached the large part of the cavern, head left but don't cross the bridge ahead. Instead, continue west until you the key by the ruins.

Bowerstone Industrial (4)
By the first bridge nearest to sea (southernmost bridge if you checked the map), there's a factory to the west employing child laborers. The key is located on the second floor which you can access by taking the nearby ramp. You need to control the steam by pulling the levers.

(This key is available only after you become ruler of Albion)

Bowerstone Industrial Silver Key


(Bowerstone Industrail – Cesspools)
Entrance to this sub-area is available after accepting the sidequest, Kidnapped.

Bowerstone Industrial Cesspools Silver Key


(Bowerstone Industrail – Sewers)
There are two entrances to the sewers; one is used by the resistance group and the other one is right under the large crane in front of the factory where you first met Reaver. It's near the orphanage. After entering it, just head to the right to find the silver key by the metal grates.

Bowerstone Market (3)

Bowerstone Market Silver Key #1


Bowerstone Market Silver Key #2


Bowerstone Market Silver Key #2 (Hideout)

You need to wait for the sidequest Crime and Punishment to become available so if you can't access the door for now, just let it be.


Bowerstone Old Quarter (2)
This is easily and best acquired during the mission where you and your allies storm the capital and mortar fire is raining down on you. The key is located by the walls uphill, beside the large tree near the gates.

Bowerstone Old Quarter Silver Key


Brightwall Village (5)
There's a lone cottage outside the village. The Key can be found underneath the small bridge leading to it.

Head to the library and check the boulders to the left. The key should be hiding behind it.

Head to the northern part of the village where the chicken pens are located. Find the key behind the house by the wall, beside a tree and some large crates.

(Brightwall Village - Reliquary)

Brightwall Village - Reliquary Silver Key

After getting the key above, you should come across a large cavern which path circles back to the to the previous area you're in. As soon as you enter there, your pet should immediate detect a treasure. Just check the path behind the debris and you should find the chest there.


Go past this chest and continue following the stone path until you reach the same floor where you dealt with the raising platforms earlier. Pull the lever in the middle of the large platform and defeat all Hollow Men that will appear. After doing so, a set of stairs will appear northwest of the platforms you've raised a while ago. Take those stairs and it will lead you to a Silver Key.

Driftwood (2)

Driftwood Silver Key #1

As for the second silver key, you need to complete the quests Pest Control and Gift Wood for Giftwood (see the sidequests section for the walkthrough) so that the inhabitants of driftwood settles to the offshore islands and the carpenter fixes the bridges. Check the video below to easily locate this key.

Driftwood Silver Key #1


Dweller Camp (1)
After accepting Sabine's promise and gaining the support of his people, the gates to his compound will be open. The key is located there.

Mourningwood (4)
After defending the fort against the hollow men attack using the mortar, you'll be free to explore the area. Check the video below to find the silver key.

Mourningwood Silver and Gold Key

Check the ruins behind the village. The key should be behind one of the wall archs there.


(Mourningwood – The Ossuary)
The door leading to Ossuary becomes available during the quest Gone But Not Forgotten. From the entrance, look to right to find an open crypt. Grab the Silver Key inside. Check the video below to find the second Silver Key in the area as well.

Mourningwood – The Ossuary Silver Key


Millfields (7)

Millfields Silver Key #1


Millfields Silver Key #2


Millfields Silver Key #3


(Millfields – Dankwater Cavern)
The path leading deeper in the cavern is blocked until you finish the quest “Hobnobbing for Hobbes” which will appear later in the game, after completing the main storyline. However, you can't access the deeper parts of the cavern immediately. Exit the cavern and come back later to check if the barricade is gone.

How to find cavern


Millfields – Dankwater Cavern Silver Key #1


Millfields – Dankwater Cavern Silver Key #1


(Millfields – Reaver's House) (1)
Reaver's manor can be freely accessed after you crashed his party along with Page in the main story. It is also best done alongside the sidequest “Reaver's Unmentionables”. Head to Reaver's bedroom and examine the bookshelf in the corner to reveal a hidden passageway leading to Reaver's personal creep chamber. The key is right behind the bed.

(Millfields – Pepperpot Cave) (1)

How to Find Pepperpot Cave


Just keep following the path and fight off some hobbes. You'll see the key in the end, across the water.

Mistpeak Valley (6)
Head to the lake and check out the stack of logs in one side, along the path leading to the mercenary camp.

From the Monorail Station, there is another dirt road leading uphill. Follow it and you should find another Silver Key.

Mistpeak Valley - Chillbreath Cavern
Check the video below to find the second entrance of Chillbreath Cavern. Head inside and just follow the straightforward path and you'll find the key at the end.

Mistpeak Valley - Chillbreath Cavern



Mistpeak Valley - The Hole
During your first visit to the hole for the first time, follow the path until you reach a room with several barrels. The silver key is right behind the rack.

Enter the monorail station in Mistpeak then take the elevator down the hole. Follow the path until you reach the area with several barrels. Unlock the door there using the Technician's Key. Continue following the straightforward path until it leads you to the cliff overlooking the arena where you fought off the army of hobbes earlier. The key is there.

Fast travel to Millfields then enter the monorail station there. Head to the main office, near the monorail tracks and you should find the key beside it.

Mercenary Camp (1)
It is found at the base of the watchtower uphill, on the way to Saker's arena. The watchtower has several cages near it as well so its practically hard to miss.

Shifting Sands (5)

Shifting Sands Silver Key #1


Shifting Sands Silver Key #2


Shifting Sands Silver Key #3


Shifting Sands – Sandfall Palace

Shifting Sands – Sandfall Palace Silver Key #1


Shifting Sands – Sandfall Palace Silver Key #2


Silverpines (2)

Silverpines Silver Key

The second key is located inside the mine.


Veiled Path (2)

Veiled Path Silver Key

(Veiled Path – Enigma)


Silver Chest Locations
[Chest Location] (Required keys)

The Reliquary (1)
Dweller Camp (5)
Mistpeak Valley (5)
Bowerstone Industrial (5)
Brightwall Village (10)
Mourningwood (10)
Bowerstone Industrial (10)
Shifting Sands (10)
Chillbreath Cavern (15)
Bowerstone Market (15)
Millfields (20)
Aurora (20)
Bowerstone Castle (50)