Gnomes are Evil

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by vhayste  

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Gnomes are Evil

(Brightwall Village)

Available after completing Gnomes are Great

Speak to Brian in his gnome shrine and learn that his gnomes just ran away. You have to find all 50 of them since they'll be part of the game's collectibles but for now, you need to find one. Follow the trail as it leads you to Brian's house. Bring out your gun and zoom in. When you're hunting for the other gnomes, just listen to their annoying voices and verbal abuses. Shoot him down then open the chest. Return to Brian. You won't be able to get 40 GS that was promised until you find all the gnomes. You won't be able to gather all gnomes at this point of the game; just refer to this guide's collectible section to find the all.

After finding them all (And getting the Gnome Invasion achievement) travel back to Brightwall and talk to Brian. Follow him to his shrine then shoot the gargoyle when you're prompted to.

Guild Seals: 40
Reward: Various items and Gnomewrecker pistol.


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I completed the chicken quest but it won't let me get my reward

Added 19th Jun 2012, ID #154297

^^ They shouldn't since you destroyed the gargoyle that kept them alive.

Added 24th Apr 2012, ID #136658

Do the gnomes still talk even after the completion of the quest?

Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #112213

I am unable to get the Gnomes are Evil quest to begin, as the Gargoyle and Brian are nowhere to be found, and I have no idea what to do to get them to reappear. Help me please.

Added 17th Oct 2011, ID #81123

If you look at the map and select a location, the number of gnomes in that area (plus keys)should appear on the side of the screen. It's a good way to figure out how many you should already have if you're confident that you've cleared the area of gnomes/keys

Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #61625

I found all 40 gnomes on the map, but says I need to find the other 10. How do I finds them?

Added 26th Jan 2011, ID #26866