Fable 2 Guide

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Mike Hazleton   Unofficial Guide to Fable 2


Fable 2 is Peter Molyneux and Lionhead's flagship game. After the original won many fans, but missed out on a few key promises, the sequel has been designed to be everything the first game should have been and with a next-gen sheen.

The overriding principal behind it is that all your actions have consequences and never has a feature been more-true in a game. Something as obscure as going outside with no shirt on, or buying your weapons from one town rather than another can have a marked effect on the rest of your gameplay experience. Fortunately the game makes it clear when you have positively or negatively influenced someone, as icons appear above the characters' heads.

Read on for a complete guide to Fable 2, that's a walkthrough and acheivements... You'll also find a heap of screeenshots and videos which to go with the guide which will outline some of the more trickier parts of the game... Onwards!