Journey to the Mountain Pass

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide by swaggers  

Journey to the Mountain Pass

Map of Angel Falls

1 - Tangleweb
2 - Antidotal Herb
3 - Medicinal Herb

Monsters in this area
001 - Slime
002 - Cruelcumber
003 - Teeny Sanguini
004 - Sacksquatch
005 - Batterfly
006 - Dracky
007 - Bodkin Archer

Your first taste of combat. Enemies are visible in Dragon Quest so you know what your getting into and for the most part you can avoid as many or as few as you want. I suggest you get to level 3 during this first time out. There isn't much to combat at this time. Mostly just attack. But that will change quickly. If you get low on health you can return to Erinn's house and at any time for a full heal.

There are three sections on the map that contain free items to pick up. You can get Tangelweb, Antidotal Herb, and Medicinal Herb at the locations provided. Look for these freebies in all the area of the game.

Once you feel like moving on head to the upper right of the map. That's the Mountain Pass. Once there head down the right path first to find a treasure chest with a Gold Ring in it. Equip it to your Hero to get Defense 2. Now work your way down the left side and get a new cutscene. It's seems the soldiers of Stornway are already on the case. They do mention a missing girl named Patty but there isn't anything we can do about that now so let's head back to Angel Falls.

Back to Angel Falls

Save your game at the Church and then head to the Mayor's house to return Ivor to his dad. No more hero-ing for him. Erinn seems worried about Patty but won't actually ask you directly for help. No problem, that's why we are a Hero. To do hero type stuff. So sleep the night at Erinn's house and then lets get some gear from the shop. I suggest the Soldier Sword and some Cotton Gloves. Don't bother with a shield because [Spoiler Alert!] we find one in just a few minutes.

The Mountain Pass


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