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Heading to the Hexagon
Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies

Heading to the Hexagon

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Heading to the Hexagon

Head back to the outdoors Angel Falls area and we are going to the middle right. You'll see it as a large white dot.


Map of the Hexagon

Monsters in this area
006 - Dracky
008 - Bag O' Laughs
009 - Mecha-Mynah
010 - Firespirit
011 - Spirit

When you first get inside there will be a large stone block that is in the way. As you approach it a ghost will appear. Follow him around to the left side and he'll point out a switch for you. It's on the back side of the statue. Press it move the block. Thanks Ghost dude! Before going up the stairs search the right side for a chest with a Leather Shield. Go ahead and equip it for a nice Def boost.

First take the stairs down to the left for a chest with a minor item. Then take the right stairs. Enemies will start appearing and they are all new. As long as you have the Soldier Sword and the 2 Def upgrades [Shield and Gloves] you should be fine.

Descend yet again to the next lower floor and get a Feather Fan from a chest. There is also a chest on the lower section with 210 Gold. Both are definitely worth getting.

Now take the stairs in the upper right and work your way around to a chest with Strong Medicine. Now go through the door at the top. Get the Seed of Deftness on the left. Get everything you want before approaching Patty at the top of the area. Because after talking to her its Boss Time.

BOSS: Hexagoon

BOSS: Hexagoon

Hexagoon is really just a view of things to come. You really should have no problems if you've leveled at all and gotten the items suggested from town.

Hexagoon as two attacks. A standard melee and a stomp. Both of these do similar damage and don't pose much of a threat. Use Heal (if you've leveled enough to get it) or the Herbs you've picked up along the way to heal if you get low.

You'll automatically escort Patty out of the dungeon after your victory.


Back to Angel Falls...Again

So with Patty free and the Hexagoon dead its time to clean up some loose ends in Angel Falls. First you need to listen to the conversation between Erinn and Patty at the Inn. Quite the long conversation as its nighttime when you get out. Head to Erinn's house to talk to the ghost of Erinn's father. Talk to him and he's going to lead you to a small hill behind the house by the waterfall. This will also introduce Stella. A faerie that is the conductor of the Starflight Express. She wants your help getting it going again. Check the bushes and you'll find The Inny. Quite the prestigious award and something I'm sure Erinn will want to see right away. So let's take it to her. After seeing it she will agree to go to Stornway. And thats where we will be heading also.

Through the Mountain Pass

Head back to the Mountain Pass and into the Starflight Express. Nothing doing. Its still not working. Might as well head to Stornway ourselves and see whats going on over there. Continue through the Pass. (The soldiers work fast) and you'll come out in Western Stornway.

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Comments for Heading to the Hexagon

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ID #13821 | Sep 28th 2010 GearsofHalo10
LOL i was lvl 10 when i entered hexagon so it was easy (did 22% damage to bag o' laughs)