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Chapter 8
Dead Space 2

Chapter 8

Dead Space 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 8

Head to the next room find a store and save station. Grab the Audio Log on the floor, as well as some items. (Ellie's Story 1). Head to the next room then grab the power node and some more items. Continue to the Operation Control Room. More necromorphs will appear. The advanced form of slashers (dark colored ones) are great targets to attempt the C-Section achievement of your Force Gun. This small room is a perfect place to attempt this achievement. Refer to the video below.

C-Section Achievement

Once done, open the supply room to find more goodies and the schematic for the Vintage Suit. Bring it back to the store and buy it.

Head to the next room. After the operation control room, you'll be in a short corridor. There's a pregnant right around the corner so take it out. Grab the second text log on the floor. (Ellie's Story 2) Enter the next room and grab the Power Node in the wall to the left. Continue following the straight forward path to the Fuel Processing Control to meet up with Ellie and Stross.

Save your game then continue to Pressurization Control. As soon as the machines start, anticipate some necromorphs to show up. After killing them, use the workbench as needed. Also, don't forget to grab the schematics for Detonator Rounds, beside a dead body in the left corner.

Head to the next zero-g area. Use your kinesis to attach the thruster under the vent. Shoot it to fire it up and open your path. Continue along the path and the machines will start moving again. Carefully navigate through them and use your stasis as necessary.

Loot the containers along the way and watch out for stasis recharge stations if you haven't bought stasis packs. Be careful of the lurkers on the walls as well. Use RB to orient yourself on the ground frequently so you won't get confused. Once you reach the end of the plant, pull the thruster on the floor then attach it on the hatch. Exit to the large tunnel and kill the nest in the other side. Use the thrusters again to open the hatch, then continue to the next door.

Continue to the next room and kill the necromorph there. Grab the power node on the wall then head to the Fuel Pressurization Tower to find Ellie and Stross. After the conversation, look for the schematic for the Large Med pack on a shelf behind you. Grab the other supplies, save and proceed to the exit.

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