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2:1 City of Moresby
Dead Island

2:1 City of Moresby

Dead Island Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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City of Moresby

Ram on Heaven's Door
Help the people in the church fend off the attack of the undead.
2000 XP

Once back on your feet, head to the church and help the survivors fend off the zombie attack. Here you'll face yet another type of enemy. The Ram. This bastard will literally charge towards you and will cause massive damage in addition to being knocked down off your feet. If you have a stock of them, you can use Molotovs to easily kill all enemies. If not, you can just go back to the gates since this is a safe spot then rush in again when you have the chance. Quest is completed once the infected has been cleared out.

Church Defense

Sacred Silence
2000 XP Mace

This quest is received automatically after completing the previous one (On the Road). Head inside the church and talk to Mother Helen. You need to silence the bells next. Ram the door open then kill the thug inside. Pick up the church bell key from its body.

Pick up the Toxic Mod blueprint on the desk then open the control panel near the door. Turn off the church bell by operating the button inside. Return to Mother Helen to complete the quest.

NOTE: You can talk to Jin inside the church and deposit some items you can't carry. This will free up your inventory and will allow you to carry the stuff you really need or you want to sell later on. Take note that Jin's storage is known to be glitchy; sometimes, withdrawing maxed number of items (alcohol or medkits for example) will sometimes make them disappear for no apparent reason.
TIP: You can use the rooftops to safely explore the slums. Look for ladders that will take you there. The streets are littered with the dead and the rooftops are your only way of moving around the city fast and safe. Take note however that the fast moving infected can reach the rooftops if there is a lower elevated area that they can jump on. Furthermore, due to the layout of the city, some ladders don't will just lead to deadends and precarious jumps.

Drowned Hope
Check what happened to the pump station
4000 XP,  Sticky Bomb Mod

Talk to Mother Helen to start this quest. (There will be new quests so don't forget to acquire them as well). Head to the marker set on the map. You need to be careful since there will be suiciders among the basic walker and infected groups, as well as pistol wielding punks who will shoot you on sight. You can loot their guns, if you manage to kill them.

Head to the marker and approach the pump station. You'll have to clear the area of bandits.

Pump Raid 1

After clearing the initial wave of enemies in the first pumping room you'll come across a control room. Open the door to the left to find a small break room. The High Voltage Mod blueprint is on the table.

Continue clearing the enemies on the second room and outside. After defeating them all, open the small warehouse to find Antonio and his companion

Pump Raid 2

Go with him to the Control Room to complete the quest.

Drop by Drop
Close the 5 hydrants
4500XP, Meat Bait

Talk to Antonio to start this quest. The fire hydrants you need to turn off will be located in the map one by one. Just clear all enemies in the area before attempting to turn them off.

Each hydrant has groups of zombies surrounding it with at least one ram or thug. Turn all five hydrants then talk to Mother Helen to complete the quest.

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