1:2 Busy Surviving

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by vhayste  

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Busy Surviving

To Kill Time
Help Mike and Dominic.

The Lifeguard Tower will become your new hideout. There will be new quests available, and the shop will be open as well. Sell him most of the junk you don't need, then repair/upgrade your weapons as necessary. Talk to the quest NPCs to start their quests. It doesn't matter which one you take first but I do suggest completing all possible sidequests at this point. Complete the quests Ashes to Ashes and On the Air given by Mike and Dominic respectively. Talk to Sinamoi to complete the quest and continue with the storyline.

A Piece of Cake
Search the hotel's poolside bars for cans of food. Bring 3 cans of food to Sinamoi.
1500 XP, Baseball Bat

Head to the poolside west of the Lifeguard Tower. As you get near a canned food, it will be marked in the map. One is located in the first bar in the end of the stairs directly west of the tower. One is located inside a luggage in the underground women's restroom. Another canned food is located inside the locked poolside bar to the west. There's a storage key on the counter top that you can use to open the door. Once you've collected enough, return to Sinamoi.

Seek and Loot
Check the two gas stations and bring 2 packs of juice
1800 exp, cash

After completing A Piece of Cake, talk to him again to receive this quest. You need to check the two gas stations and bring two packs of juice. The first gas station is the Lighthouse gas station which you've visited earlier during the Ashes to Ashes quest. The second one is further to the southwest. You can find new quest givers along the way (if you haven't found them yet) and another one as soon as you've reached the 2nd gas station (see Waterdance). Bring the juice packs the Lifeguard Tower then talk to Sinamoi when done.


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Can't find second gas station

Added 14th Jul 2015, ID #584292


Added 5th Oct 2013, ID #312776

the 2.nd gas-stations ladder is surounded by electricity, cant get around it, and cant get it away..

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277130

you go to the right side of the gas station and there's a latter climb up it and there will be a thug and a zombie laying there and then you will see some glass break that then you will find a juice pack in the back room then open the door go behind the counter there will be 3 juice packs

Added 25th Mar 2013, ID #267040

how do you get the juice at the 2nd gas station

Added 1st Mar 2012, ID #119498

you have to place them down at the back of the garage area

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97253