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05 - SCU Building
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

05 - SCU Building

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Condemned 2 Guide
Mission 05: SCU Building

When you gain control over Ethan, after Rosa has left the room, select the camera from the Forensic Tools menu and snap a picture of the X-Rays above the sink that is across from Vanhorn's body. This mission's Optional Objective is to capture two different chest X-Ray pictures on camera. You'll come across the second later in the level; it'll be pointed out in this guide when the time comes. There's also a radio on a table near the X-Ray room door. Activate Antenna (1/3) and then approach the X-Ray table and get on. A couple of Player Response prompts will appear while you're on the table, so pay attention.


SCU Building Exploration

It's easy to get lost in the SCU building, but you can use the GPS to find your way if that helps. When Ethan gets off of the table, head through the double door in the other room. Walk straight ahead and head through the door on the right. Be ready to press the Player Response button at all times, because there are plenty of prompts in this level. Go through the two double doors and walk down to the opposite end of the hall until Ethan blacks out.

Afterwards, head through the double door in front of you and turn right. When you reach the collapsed lockers, move through the nearby laboratory and exit through the double door at the other end. Proceed through the doorway next to the lockers and exit the room through the door at the other end. Upon entering the hall, turn right, then right again. Turn left when you reach the double doors and go through the southern-most one (there are no lights on in the hall beyond it). Walk down this hall and enter the second door on the right. The second set of chest X-Ray pictures are on the wall by the door.


Exit the office once you've snapped the picture and continue down the hall. Your vision will bug out partway down, but try your best to navigate regardless. When you reach the end of the hall your vision will return to normal. At the double door, turn into the room on the right. Move through the doorway at the opposite end of the room to reach another hallway. Enter the open office on the right for a Player Response prompt before heading through the double door at the end of the hall.

Officer Pennington

Try to open the door from your side to trigger an event. After, open the storage locker at the other end of the room and take the .9mm that's inside. Follow Pennington to the offices upstairs. You'll eventually come to a laboratory that contains a couple of Assault Rifle-wielding enemies. Be especially careful here, as these weapons can cut you down in an instant. There is a storage locker near the entrance to the lab that contains a health pack and some extra ammo if need be. Once both enemies are down, pick up one of their Assault Rifles and continue following Pennington.



You'll encounter more enemies along the way. There are also plenty of storage lockers that hold health packs and ammo, so keep an eye out. When you reach the room that's covered in black slime, watch out for the ceiling sacs; all it takes to pop one is a single bullet. A group of those tar creatures (for lack of a proper name) will attack you once Pennington disappears, so back yourself into a corner and unload into them with your Assault Rifle.


Farrell's Office

Once Ethan regains consciousness, step into the hall and make your way to the elevator. A radio sits on the trolley next to the elevator door. Activate Antenna (2/3), then enter the elevator and use the panel inside to ride up to the management offices.


Emitter (1/1): When the elevator reaches its destination, turn left and walk down the hall until you reach an office. Enter the office and approach the hanging picture next to the desk. Punch the picture to knock it from the wall, revealing the emitter behind it.



Walk down the hall until you come to Farrell's office. Upon entering, turn right to spot a radio on a table. Activate Antenna (3/3), then approach Farrell's desk and take a seat.



Forensics -- Farrell will ask you a number of questions about what happened during the last few missions. You have to answer each and every one of these questions correctly to earn a Perfect rating at the end of this mission. Here are the correct answers to his questions:

1. We carried Vanhorn's body away from the hotel.
2. Yes.
3. Dorland shot a power transformer creating a small explosion.
4. I was in an apartment complex next door.
5. The helicopter started taking fire.
6. Dorland.

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ID #289070 | Jun 9th 2013 katiematie
While in the elevator, turn around and read the yellow paper on the back wall. Kind of interesting.