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10 - Junk Barge
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

10 - Junk Barge

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Condemned 2 Guide
Mission 10: Junk Barge

At the start of the mission, make your way to the opposite end of the deck and head through the doorway there. Search for the anchor controls and activate the anchor to tear a hole into the deck that leads to the interior of the ship. A couple of Player Response prompts will appear afterwards, so pay attention. Follow the scrape mark left by the anchor to the newly created dropdown point and jump down.

Anchor Controls


Cargo Hold

Emitter (1/6): After jumping down the hole, turn around to spot the emitter attached to the wall at the end of a short walkway.


Move to the other end of this area and drop down to the area with the cargo containers. You'll encounter some mutants down here, including an as-of-yet-unseen larger, more powerful variant. These guys can be tough to bring down normally, so it would be best to use your stun gun for a quick kill. Aside from a few enemies there's nothing to see here, so move through the maze of cargo containers and climb up the ladder at the end of the way. Rosa will contact you when you reach the upper walkway, and a Player Response prompt will appear, so be ready to press that button.

Head through the door at the end of the walkway and follow this corridor to reach a door at its end. Turn left at the door and climb through the open window and onto a cargo container. Walk to the end of the container and drop down to the red container nearby. Climb up this container and move through the window at the other end. Go through the door at the end of this corridor and drop down through the opening in the floor.

Antenna (1/1): When you reach the storage room, search the shelves on the right side of the room for a radio. Activate the radio before moving on.


Keep moving until you come to a cargo door. Use the switch next to the door to open it. You'll encounter a hulking Metal Junkie in this area. Press the Player Response button when the prompt appears, then locate the nearby ramp and climb up it. You have to move fast, otherwise the metal brute can trap you in a corner, and at that point the only way out is death. If this happens, pause the game and select the “restart from the last save point” option, since the last checkpoint occurred at the entrance to this area.

Metal Junkie


The cargo door switch has been inconveniently placed atop a nearby platform. Through the cargo door is your way out of this mess, so you'll have to hit the switch to open the door first. Move across the metal sheets and steel girder to reach the platform and use the switch to open the cargo door below. Hop down from the platform once the door is open and squeeze through the boulders to reach the next area. The boulders are no obstacle for the metal brute, however, as he'll have them out of the way in no time and be right on your tail again. Sprint to the other end of this area and head up the ramp there. Move across the overturned bus and cargo container to reach the upper walkway. Cross the platform and steel girder at the other end of this walkway. Climb up the ramp to reach the deck.

Cargo Door Switch

Ship Deck

As soon as you are up the ramp, climb up the ladder straight ahead to reach the crane controls and operate the crane. Afterwards, step back outside and jump to the bus attached to the crane. Drop down through the sunroof, move to the front of the bus and exit through the door. 

Crane Controls


There is a news van door at the other end of this walkway, near the storage container. Snapping a picture of this door is this mission's Optional Objective, though this is no easy task considering the fact that the metal brute is still relentlessly pursuing you. If you're hoping to earn the Gold level upgrade at the end of this mission, you have to complete this objective, so you're going to have to move fast. As soon as you're off of the bus, run towards the news van door at the other end of the walkway (you should be able to spot it from where you are), enter Forensics mode, whip out your camera and take a clear picture of it. The metal brute will push his way through the rubble nearby, so immediately take off back down the walkway and turn left as soon as you can.

News Van Door


Proceed through the door at the end of the walkway for a short reprieve.

Metal Junkie Disposal

Move to the end of the initial area and go through the door on the left. Drop down from this walkway, go through the doorway and head up the stairs. In the next room, walk to the very end of the catwalk to spot Rosa below, running from a group of metal brutes. Great. Be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appears.

Emitter (2/6): At the very end of the catwalk, look to your right to spot an emitter attached to the wall. Throw your current weapon at it to destroy it. Don't worry if you miss, though, as you can always come back to this one once the metal brutes have been dealt with.


When you're ready to proceed, drop down from the catwalk to the area below and immediately sprint over to the doorway at the south end of the area. Climb up the pair of ladders at the end of the way to reach a magnet control panel. Your task is to use the powerful magnet in this area to deposit each of the three metal brutes into the nearby compactor. This, however, is no easy task, as more than likely one of them will have taken position in the area directly below the magnet controls and will periodically throw a boulder your way. This is irritating enough, but while the metal brute is there he's also out of the magnet's range, meaning you won't be able to put an end to him while he's there

Magnet Control Panel


If you can deal with projectiles being thrown at you long enough to take out the two other metal brutes in the area below then do so, otherwise you can get the annoying one to leave you be by climbing back down the ladder (the opening of which the brute can't fit through) below the magnet controls and wait for him to forget about you.

Position the magnet above a Metal Junkie's path and activate it to grab hold of him when he walks beneath it. When you have one, move the magnet over to the compactor and deactivate the magnet to drop him in. Dispose of all three brutes in this fashion to proceed. Be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appears after crushing the first.

Emitters (3/6), (4/6), and (5/6): There are two emitters attached to the wall directly behind the magnet control panel, and one on the wall to the left of it. There is a pile of pipe fittings on the platform, which can be thrown at the emitters to destroy them.



Emitter (6/6): This emitter is above the pipes on the wall to the left of the cargo hold that Rosa is hiding in. There is a pile of pipe fittings near the bottom-left corner of the cargo hold door. Hit the emitter with a pipe fitting to destroy it.


Pipe Fittings

When you're ready to move on, enter the cargo hold and press the Player Response button when the prompt appears. Afterwards, climb up the ladder across from Rosa and start across the catwalk. A pair of mutants will cause you to fall down to the area below. Ethan is injured from the fall and a wave of mutants is fast approaching. Armed with a bolt gun, you must hold them off until help arrives.

The biggest threats here are the mutants on the storage container to the left that throw pipe fittings at you. Blast any mutant that takes position on that storage container and then focus on keeping the charging mutants at bay. The bolt gun can cut through these guys with relative ease, so keep the trigger held down and fight them off until someone appears on the catwalk in the middle of the area. Take that person out to complete the mission.

Bolt Gun

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Comments for 10 - Junk Barge

4 comments, latest first.
ID #152438 | Jun 13th 2012 Guest
U forgot to mention or missed that after the anchor in the beginning of mission moves the giant crates on the ship deck go back around the way u came and look to ur right or left depending on ur view (if ur facing the anchor switch it would be on ur left (but blocked off on that side, go around back the opposite way) n JUMP DOWN INTO THE HOLE make ur way around a little hallway and theres a locker wit a lever rifle, alcohol, and ammo and youll proceed to meet some mutants before making ur way back up to the ship deck and go thru the hole the anchor created btw (fast forwarded to the bus part lol) go to the front of the bus and grabb the crossbow and kill the junky wit it before snapping the pic of the news van door, i figured this out relatively quickly
ID #58479 | Jul 16th 2011 Guest
I two cannot get the bolt gun to go over enough to the left to kill the figure above. Any tips?
ID #48188 | Jun 10th 2011 Guest
I finish all of the creatures on the ground off, but then I cant get the bolt gun to reach far enough to the left to kill the creature on the catwalk. he hits me with the oro cross bow a couple times and i die. how the **** do i kill him?
ID #37631 | Apr 15th 2011 Guest
there is an oro crossbow in one of the front seats of the bus that is attached to the crane.