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03 - Commuter-Tracks
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

03 - Commuter-Tracks

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Condemned 2 Guide
Mission 03: Commuter Tracks

There is no need to waste time fighting the thugs on the tracks, so find the wooden board along the left side of the tracks and cross it to reach the apartment building across the way.


Once you're in the apartment, head through the doorway to the right of the trash bags and scan the wall to spot an Emitter (1/3). Destroy the emitter and then exit into the hallway. Upon entering the hallway, turn left and walk as far down as possible. A radio sits on a machine here; activate Antenna (1/2) and then head through the only other doorway in the hall.



The Optional Objective is to destroy the two meth-labs in this apartment building, the first of which can be found through the open doorway to the left. Hit the lab once and then step out of the room to avoid taking damage from the explosion. Afterwards, head through the doorway at the opposite end of the room and observe the unnerving mannequin there. Proceed through the doorway next to the mannequin and climb up the stairs through the doorway up ahead.


Knock the chair aside and open the door at the top of the stairs. Move down the hall and go through the first open doorway you come to. Careful here, because there is a brute in this area and he is evidently upset about something. Take out the brute and then destroy the meth-lab in the back room. Peek through the hole in the wall just outside of the doorway that leads into this room to spot a chair blocking the door. Pick up a brick and toss it at the chair to unblock the door.


Blocked Door

Antenna (2/2): Open the door across from the entrance to the meth-lab room. The TV is on the dresser here.


When you're ready to move on, step back into the hall and head through the now unblocked door. Go through the door at the top of the stairs; be careful, as two armed enemies will step out into the hall. When the way is clear, enter the room next to the stairway door.

Emitter (2/3): Upon entering the room, sprint to the other end and turn right. The emitter is attached to the wall, just above the sink.


Head through the doorway in the top-left corner of the room and step out onto the balcony. Use the zip line to reach the warehouse across the way.

Zip Line


Enter the warehouse and sprint towards the pistol-wielding enemy at the far end. Hit him with a Sprint Attack and then try to take him down with a combo before he can get a shot off. Pick up his weapon and then down the Liquor that's on the shelf. The nearby storage locker holds a couple of health packs and a Shotgun, but hold on to the .44 for now.

Emitter (3/3): Peering through the doorway, use the scope of the .44 that the enemy was wielding and scan the wall beyond the fence on the other side of the tracks. The emitter is attached to the wall, right across from the warehouse door. Shoot the emitter, and then you can grab the Shotgun from the storage locker if you wish.



Drop down from the warehouse walkway onto the tracks below. Sprint towards the fire in the distance and approach the gate near the crashed train car. Be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appears. Afterwards, head through the opening in the fence, across from the ladder that leads up to the warehouse entrance, and hop down to the wood plank. Again, be ready to press the Player Response button when the prompt appears. Cross the wooden plank and climb up the ladder on the other side.

Walk down the ramp and kill the thug that appears. Once the thug has been dealt with, attempt to cross the second wooden plank to complete the mission.

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