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Use the list below to see what is best to focus on cooking, with rewards stated to show you where you can get the most benefit:

Note: This does not include all recipes, as some are quest-related and the game is also being regularly updated - it should have the main ones to get you started in the kitchen though!

Animal Treats:
These take 2 Hours and require 10 Oats and 1 Flour Sack, as well as the Mill. Once you consume it, you are able to feed Animal 60 minutes faster.

Bag of Popcorn:
To produce this, 1 Hour    is needed, as well as 5 Corn, 2 Sticks of Butter and 1 Flaxseed Oil. If you eat the bag of popcorn, you will receive 1 XP.

Bread Dough:
This takes    1.5 Hours and also requires 1 Stick of Butter, 2 Eggs and 2 Milk Bottles. You will also need a Mill to be able to produce it. You can use the Dough for crafting Bread.

Bubbly Grog:
To cook this you will need 13 Minutes, 5 Pails of Water and 5 Ogre's Belches. You can use the Grog to Unwither your Crops.

This tasty treat requires 13 Hours to cook, as well as 4 Flour Sacks, 3 Sticks of Butter, 2 Eggs, 2 Honey, a Mill and a Bakery. You need it to make other varieties of Cake.

Carrot Cake:
A lot of time is needed for this one, as it takes 29 Hours to cook. You also need 2 Cakes, 20 Carrots, a Mill and a Bakery. Eat this Cake to receive 10 Energy.

Castleberry Punch:
You will need 1 Hour for this, along with 10 Berries, 10 Honey,    4 Pails of Water and 3 Spicy Cloves. Use it to advance the Pond so it is ready to Fish.

Chicken Pot Pie:
This takes 3.5 Hours, 1 Bread Dough, 1 Chicken Meat and 10 Potatos to produce. You also need a Butchers. It produces a pie that you can eat for 4 Energy.

Chicken and Corn Chili:   
3 Hours are needed to produce this, and 8 Corn, 2 Chicken Meat, 3 Chili Peppers and 5 Tomatos. Eat it to receive 5 Energy.

Chocolate Bar:
This requires 1.5 Hours, as well as 5 Coco, 1 Stick of Butter, 4 Milk Bottles and a Mill. Eat the result for 3 XP.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries:
These take 13 Hours and need 15 Strawberries, 4 Chocolate Bars and a Bakery - you will end up with an edible treat to give you 6 Energy.

Corn Dog:
To produce this you need 2 Hours, 5 Piles of Corn Meal, 1 Spicy Sausage, 2 Milk Bottles and 1 Wood Log. Eat it for 6 Energy.

Cornbread Muffin:
Cook this for 4 Hours using 2 Piles of Corn Meal, 1 Flour Sack, 1 Stick of Butter    and 2 Eggs. It gives 4 Energy when eaten.

This crucial item requires 10 Hours    to make. You will need 3 Animal Bones, 2 Hardboiled Eggs and 1 Alchemist Powder. It advances the growth of your Crops by 60 minutes.

Flaming Grog:
After 1 Hour's cooking, using 7 Pails of Water, 7 Ogre's Belch and 7 Chili Peppers, you will be able to use this to 'Unwither' your withered Crops.

Flaxseed Oil:
This needs 5 Minutes and is created using 2 Flax. It has a variety of uses in Crafting and Cooking.

Flour Sack:
This is another important ingredient in many other baking recipes. It can be quickly produced in just 14 Minutes, and requires 4 Bundles of Wheat and 3 Reputation Points. You will also need a Mill.

Fried Fish:   
After 8 Hours, and using 4 Bass, 4 Flaxseed Oil and    2 Flour Sacks, as well as a    Mill and a Fishery, you will have produced this dish which can be eaten for 5 Energy.

Grape Juice:
To be able to drink this you will need to allow 1.5 Hours creation time, as well as providing 10 Grapes and 5 Pails of Water. Drink it for 3 Energy.

Allow 2 Hours to prepare this, which also needs    5 Stone and    5 Reputation Points. It is an important tool for grinding things.

Hard Boiled Eggs:
This needs 1.5 Hours time, 10 Eggs and 5 Pails of Water. Eat them for 3 Energy.

Hot Buns:
This takes 2 Hours to bake, and the ingredients are 1 Bread Dough and 1 Stick of Butter. You also need a Mill and a Bakery for it.

Ice Cream:
2.5 Hours is needed for this, along with 5 Ice Chunks, 5 Milk, 2 Honey and 5 Reputation Points.

Ice Cream Cone:
You need 45 Minutes    to produce this, as well as 2 Ice Cream, and 5 Strawberries. Eat this to get 5 Energy.

Ice Cream Sandwich:
This takes 3 Hours, 4 Ice Creams, 2 Bread Doughs and 10 Cocoa. Eat this for a handy 10 Energy.

Hyper Craft:
A whopping 26 Hours is needed for this, along with 1 Ruby, 10 Ogre's Belches, 3 Hammers and 5 Alchemist Powders. It allows you to advance crafting time by 30 minutes.

Kettle Corn:
Taking 4 Hours, 6 Ears of Corn, 6 Honey, 1 Butter and 1 Flaxseed Oil, you can then eat this for 3 Energy.

Meat Sandwich:
A long 17 Hours is needed for this. You will also have to provide 4 Hot Buns, 12 Meat, 3 Cabbage, 3 Tomato and have a Butchers and a Bakery. It will reward you with 7 Energy when eaten.

Pile of Corn Meal:
Produce this after 5 Minutes by giving 5 Ears of Corn and 1 Flour Sack. You will then be able to use it to produce a variety of other items.

You need 13 Hours, 1 Bread Dough, 5 Tomatos, 15 Pieces of Meat and a    Mill. Some delicious Pizza will give you 8 XP when eaten.

Plate of Spaghetti:
After 2 Hours cooking time, along with 10 Wheat, 3 Flaxseed Oil and    7 Tomatos, you can eat this for 3 Energy.

Saucy Tart:
This requires 1 Hour, 1 Stick of Butter, 3 Hard Boiled Eggs, 1 Sugar and 1 Apple Slice. Eat it to receive 1 Energy.

Spicy Sausage:
You will need 10 Hours to cook this. The ingredients are    15 Meat and 10 Chili Peppers, and a Butchers to produce it. Eat it for 7 XP.

Stick of Butter:
A quick 5 Minutes is all that's required for this, along with 5 Milk in the ingredients department.

Tomato Bisque Soup:
You have to allow 8 Hours to create this, and it needs 20 Tomatos, 10 Milk and 3 Butter. It gives you 5 Energy when you eat it.



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