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Car Town Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Your Garage is the central hub of everything in Car Town. Quite a large part of the game focuses on upgrading and expanding it. Indeed, you can decorate it to your tastes, and even add additional floors to it as your operation expands.

Your Garage isn't only intended for you, however. You will notice cars queuing up outside it, waiting for you to service them. You can complete this task simply by clicking on them. Their needs will vary from full overhauls to a simple car wash. You can decide whether to take the job in the next screen.

When you first start the game you will have only a small Garage, and will be able to take on just one job at a time. You can upgrade your Garage to get more floors as you level up, and add new items, such as extra service bays. This will allow you to take extra jobs and have the money and XP piling in by reducing the cars queuing outside.

Edit Garage:

Click the 'Edit Garage' button in the bottom-middle of your screen to be able to make changes to the center of your Car Town universe - your Garage. There is actually an incredible amount of customization options available to you, including Work/Service Bays, props such as tire stacks, gadgets like Jukeboxes and ride-on children's toys. You can also reposition walls and add rooms.

Below is a list of all the Functional Items that you can buy for your Garage. Note the values next to the item name. This shows what benefit you gain from having the item in your Garage.

Functional Items:

Kiddie Spaceship - Earns 1250 Coins in 24 Hours
Kiddie Race Car Green with Display - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Race Car Red - Earns 200 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Race Car Purple - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Race Car Yellow - Earns 200 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Train Blue - Earns 60 Coins in 2 Hours
Kiddie Train Green - Earns 60 Coins in 2 Hours
Kiddie Train Purple - Earns 60 Coins in 2 Hours
Kiddie Train Red - Earns 125 Coins in 2 Hours
Kiddie Train Yellow - Earns 125 Coins in 2 Hours
Kiddie Pony Ride White - Earns 200 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Race Car Blue with Display - Earns 200 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Pony Ride Pink - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Pony Ride Brown - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Pony Ride Black - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Kiddie Dolphin - Earns 175 Coins in 1 Hour
Kiddie Race Car Red with Display - Earns 125 Coins in 4 Hours
Orange Gas Pump - Earns 3 Coins in 30 Minutes
Red Gas Pump - Earns 3 Coins in 30 Minutes
Gumball Machine - Earns 15 Coins in 4 Hours
Air Hockey Table - Earns 13 Coins in 10 Minutes
Blue Gas Pump - Earns 3 Coins in 30 Minutes
Jukebox [Level 8] - Earns 3 Coins in 30 Minutes
Pinball Machine [Level 14] - Earns 15 Coins in 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Shoot-a-Hoop Machine [Level 13] - Earns 5 Coins in 15 Minutes
Rocket Punch Soda Machine - Earns 20 Coins in 2 Hours
Vending Machine - Earns 30 Coins in 4 Hours
Video Game Arcade [Level 11] - Earns 5 Coins in 1 Hour
Foosball Table - Earns 8 Coins in 15 Minutes
Vintage Red Phone Booth [Level 20] - Earns 5 Coins in 60 Minutes
Roll-a-Ball Machine [Level 16] - Earns 7 Coins in 5 Minutes

In the Edit Garage section you can also purchase Fuel.

Car Inventory:

The Car Inventory, or the Storage location for any cars that you have won or purchased, can be quite hard to find. To get to it, enter the Edit Garage section, then click on the brown Storage box, and finally click the car icon. This will allow you to drag the car into your garage.

Garage Expansions:

If you run out of space in your Garage, which will probably happen fairly quickly, you can use the 'Land Expansion' section of Edit Garage to give yourself some more space. Each of these expansions can be purchased with Coins, or Points/Facebook Credits, which you have to earn by completing surveys or through buying them with real money.

Note that once you get to the Garage Floor expansions, the next floor is of course the maximum 40x40 size, otherwise you would end up with a strange-looking Garage!

You are also able to make the fourth floor private, by clicking the padlock in Edit mode next to the number four at the bottom of the screen. This allows you to use it as a space to hide some of the more embarassing items you may have, or just to keep things tidier for visitors.

As you can see below, once you have purchased the previous expansion, you are able to jump ahead and buy the next one using Points/ Credits, even if you are not at the indicated level yet.

The list of Expansion upgrades are below:

20x20 [Level0/Previous Upgrade with Points]
25x25 [Level 17/Previous Upgrade with Points]
30x30 [Level 25/Previous Upgrade with Points]
35x35 [Level 34/Previous Upgrade with Points]
40x40 [Level 42/Previous Upgrade with Points]
2nd Floor [Level 50/Previous Upgrade with Points]
3rd Floor [Level 62/Previous Upgrade with Points]
4th Floor [Garage Value 9/Previous Upgrade with Points]

Garage Value:

You can see the current Level of your Garage, and the distance you are from the next level, just below the XP meter in the top left-hand corner of the screen. Click on the meter to see the actual value of your Garage in dollars, and the various boundaries to the levels above. You can see that list reproduced here:

Flimsy Garage - $60,000
Mediocre Garage - $75,000
Modest Garage - $200,000
Noteworthy Garage - $500,000
Cool Garage - $800,000
Impressive Garage - $2,000,000
Formidable Garage - $6,000,000
Awesome Garage - $12,000,000
Intimidating Garage - $20,000,000
Exalted Garage - $60,000,000

You can also click on the VIP Leaderboards option, which allows you to view the values of the top Garages on Facebook, and visit them, so you can see just how much time some people have invested in Car Town!