Car Town Game Show:

With the Car Town Game Show you are able to spin a wheel and hopefully win some great prizes. These can include new cars, items and more. You need to use special Game Show Tokens to be able to take part in the Game Show itself, and can purchase these using Blue Coins.

3 Blue Coins - 9 Game Show Tokens
10 Blue Coins - 30 Game Show Tokens
20 Blue Coins - 60 Game Show Tokens
50 Blue Coins - 165 Game Show Tokens
100 Blue Coins - 345 Game Show Tokens

Daily Bonus:

Play the game on consecutive days and the game will reward you with an item or Coins. This is to encourage people to become addicted to Car Town and keep coming back to it.

If you string many days together, you will often find a new Car as a reward, so it is worth monitoring the Daily Bonus board to see what you get for making it 7 days of Car Town with no break!