Fresh Off The Bus

Location: Arid Badlands

GIVER: Guardian Angel

LVL: 2

$: 0

EXP: 0


After you’ve chosen your profession for Borderlands (I’ll be doing this guide as a Hunter) you’ll enter into the backside of Fyrestone. The small robot named Claptrap will tell you the basics of playing the game. What button reloads and how to switch weapons and all that other fun stuff you’ve probably learned a million times in a million games.

There is a small hidden secret area right away. If you head left instead of following Claptrap you can go behind the Motel and grab a bunch of money, ammo, and weapons up on the roof.

The first mission is simply following Claptrap and eliminating a few bandits to learn about combat. Once you hit Level 2 and get to town the real fun begins.