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Chapter 3: Best Minion Ever
Borderlands 2

Chapter 3: Best Minion Ever

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 3: Best Minion Ever

You have to get to Claptrap's boat next but there are optional missions you can tackle at this point:

This Town Ain't Big Enough
Shielded Favors *
Best Minion Ever *

* (available after completing This Town Ain't Big Enough)

Check this guide's Optional Missions section for the individual walkthrough of each. Once all the optional missions are taken care of, talk to Claptrap and follow him to the bandit hideout. Clear the initial area then have Claptrap lower the bridge. Follow him then prepare for a battle.

Boss: Boom-Bewn

You have to be wary of the midget's shotgun and Boom's improvised cannon. Concentrate on the midget first while running around, preferably behind cover. After taking out the midget, concentrate your fire next on the cannon itself, while occassionally taking out charging Psychos. Once the cannon is destroyed, Boom will fight on foot and will fire homing explosives towards you. Psychos will continue rushing in so keep moving and run for cover when your shields are low.

Explosions, explosions

After defeating them, loot the containers in the area then mount the cannon when Claptrap tells you to. Aim for the gate and blast it together with him. Take out the charging enemies then follow Claptrap to the next area.

Take out the flying rakks to avoid any annoyances then head for the gate. Take out more enemies and continue inside. Fight your way along the straightforward path, sell some unwanted loot along the way for some cash until you catch up with Claptrap.

Make your way inside the ship and to the upper level. Clear more enemies and continue forth until you find a lever. Pull it to regroup with Claptrap then continue forth to the upper level. You'll eventually find an ammo depot. Fill up your ammo and carry several weapon types as well for the upcoming battle.

Boss: Captain Flynt

Don't attack Flynt while he is on fire since he is vulnerable at this phase. Keep distance from him while he's generating fire and make sure to kill his burning psychos quickly before Flynt makes his move on you. Keeping moving and kill the minions that stand in your way. Don't use incendiary weapons against Flynt because obviously, he has strong resistance against it.

Burn, baby, burn

Regroup with Claptrap until he opens the trapdoor. Loot the containers and follow him to his ship. Talk to him to turn over the mission to him. The next chapter will then start.

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