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Chapter 7: A Dam Fine Rescue
Borderlands 2

Chapter 7: A Dam Fine Rescue

Borderlands 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by vhayste  

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Chapter 7: A Dam Fine Rescue

Lilith is in your hq and has two optional missions for you. You must do this to earn extra exp and loot to prepare you for the main story mission ahead.

Cult Following: Eternal Flame
Cult Following: False Idols
Cult Following: Lighting the Match
Cult Following: The Enkindling
In Memoriam

When ready, fast travel to Three-Horns Valley then grab a ride. Head to the bandit lair's gate and honk your horn. Kill the bandits then head to the portal leading to The Dust, like what Scooter suggested.

Once there, kill the enemy vehicles you encounter along the way then head to Ellie's garage. Talk to her to update your mission.

You can also talk to Loggins to get a new optional mission. (Too Close for Missiles) Head outside and destroy the bandit patrol cars to scavenge their parts. Once done, talk to Ellie to create a bandit technical. Fast-travel to Three-Horns Valley then ride the technical to the gate. Honk your horn for the bandits to open it then head inside and clear the area.

Defeat Bad Maw next then activate the lever to lower the drawbridge. Continue to the Bloodshot Stronghold.

Bad Maw and his Merry Midget

Follow the straightforward path in the stronghold and kill enemies along the way. You'll eventually reach a whirlpool in the area called Satan's Suckhole. Continue up the ramp and carefully take out the enemies along the way. There's a strong enemy up the ramp named Mad Mike. His attacks are really damaging so be careful when dealing with him.

Get past the suckhole then continue to the next area. Kill more enemies there, then follow the eletric line of the electrical fence as it leads to a control room upstairs where you can turn off the power from the fuse box.

Continue fighting your way deeper in the hideout until you reach the prison cells. Find Roland and examine the door of his prison cell for a scene. After that, move forth and take out the enemy robots along the way. Enter the portal leading to the Ramparts.

One there, find a corrosive weapon then refill your ammo and health if needed to. Fight your way along the straightforward path until you finally reach Roland. If you have explosive weapons, this is the best time to use them; just be careful not to get damaged yourself.

Damn Fine Rescue, Soldier

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