6: Snowblind

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Walkthrough and Guide by Mike Hazleton  

Level 6: Snowblind

Our task now is to secure the satellite landing zone. With that done, we can extract the data we need that is so vital to deciphering the foreign weapon discovered at the start of this campain.

Other Collectibles:

We need to proceed towards the crash site before we can secure the data.

Follow Unit:
There are no enemies en route to the satellite, so simply follow your AI allies. Once you get to the wreck, a cut-scene will play. The data box is too hot to touch at the moment, so we need to protect the satellite until it cools down.

Protect Satellite Wreck:
The first enemies come from the left. You can ignore most of the infantry. The crucial enemies are the RPG ones – they are the only units that can damage the satellite, and if it takes too many hits, you’re done for.

TIP: Keep both your guns loaded with ammo in case a RPG soldier emerges and you have to quickly switch to take him down.

There are two positions that RPG units take on this left flank. The first is the house nearest the satellite, where repeated RPG soldiers will take position on the roof. The second is the house to the left.

The roof of this building and the one to the right are where RPG soldiers will appear.

Once you have valiantly fought off the first wave of enemies, you will be informed that hostiles are attacking to the right. It is important to get a good position here, and you should climb to the right to get a height advantage on any enemies below – this also allows you to be closer to the terrorists that appear on the rooftops above. As before, the absolute focus should be on RPG-wielding enemies.

They can appear on the rooftops above you, on any of the buildings, and on the rooftops in the section below. The top rooftops are the ones that hurt you most, as it is easy to forget about them and take a few shots on the satellite before you even know the enemy are there.

TIP: You will be warned when one more RPG will destroy the box. This shouldn’t really be yet, as there is a greater threat to come that will be much harder to prevent from hurting the satellite.

When the last terrorist is eliminated, an enemy helicopter will appear. There is an RPG near the upturned red bath that you should have been covering near.

Find the RPG here.

Pick it up and look for the helicopter icon which should soon appear on the map. It is imperative that you take it down quickly, and because of the long reload times you should wait until it hovers to ensure every shot you fire lands on target.

TIP: Watch out for any lingering infantry, as your attention will be diverted.

Two shots should take the helicopter down and a cut-scene will occur.

Line up your shot carefully.

Haggard and Sarge go to look for a vehicle, and when bad weather comes in, Sweetwater goes out after them. Not for the last time, you’re on your own here.

Descend the Mountain:

This is a tricky section requiring some fast sprinting and close-quarters combat. The most difficult factor is that your screen freezes up if you stay outside for too long, eventually killing you. As such, you need to always be sprinting if you are outside, until you get into a house. You need a shotgun, which you can get from the supply drop if you don’t mind risking freezing, or off an enemy soon. The first building is marked with an objective indicator. A guard is outside in the snow, so take him out before knifing the door and entering.

Your screen will return to normal once inside.

TIP: Treat the frozen screen like the bloodshot screen showing your health.

M-COM Station #1: This is in a shack at the back of the building opposite the first one you enter (marked with an objective icon) on your descent. It is outside the house on the left of the top level as you look down the mountain.

The location of the first M-COM of this level.

Beware as you enter any house during this descent. Enemies are also sheltering inside, while every time you fire more will travel to your position, so stay on your toes. The shotgun helps with this.

From the M-COM house, head down the mountain, past the next flare. You will find another flare on the left with a building nearby. Enter it to regain your heat, killing the enemy within. The next house is after a long stretch.

TIP: On Normal you can get down the mountain moving from house to house, but on higher difficulties you may have to think on your feet. Destroy some explosive barrels and stand by the flames to regain some lost heat and buy some time.

You can make it in one on Normal, but see the tip above if you are struggling. The house is past one flare, and is marked on the right by its own red beacon. You can enter through the hole in the side. You may find enemies outside this house – how they can stay outside nobody knows!

Use this house as a rest point, but watch for enemies outside.

Collectible: USAS-12 – Leaning against the wall inside the house you are using here to regain lost heat is the USAS shotgun. Very handy for the descent to come.

On the sprint down to the next building you will see two enemies in the open, braving the cold. Take them out with a longer distance weapon, before entering the building they were heading towards with your shotgun equipped.

Don’t waste too much time killing the pair of hostiles, or you’ll freeze before entering the building.

You should be able to see the next flare from the edge of this house. It marks the final house you need to cover in before entering a more built up village – with plenty of houses to use. There is a bridge outside and enemy infantry. Cross it, and take out any enemies at the windows.

M-COM Station #2: This is on top of the roof of the building to the right after you cross the bridge.

The second and final M-COM of this level is on the roof of the right hand structure. The ladder upstairs is oddly in the bathroom.

From here you should be able to run past the next two flares (turn left at the first one, it can be misleading) and into the house at the very end of this village. Kill any enemies who have come to investigate you, before heading upstairs and taking out an enemy on the balcony using a mounted grenade launcher. Go back downstairs and outside onto ground level.

Run past the first flare into the house on the right. The weather clears as you reach the next town. Flynn comes in, preparing to bombard the village to help provide you with a path through. You can run through most of this area, but should take out any RPG units not dealt with by the helicopter. Use your shotgun to deal with close-quarters enemies blocking your way.

Regroup with Unit:

The clearing at the bottom is too hot, so you must enter the building at the back, marked with an objective icon. Use the door at the back to get the jump on a crouched enemy, before climbing upstairs and mounting the ladder. Once at the top, a cut-scene will trigger, ending the level.


Descend the hill to reunite with the rest of B Company.



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