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P02A: Welcome to Arkham City
Batman: Arkham City

P02A: Welcome to Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Welcome to Arkham City


The Clothes Make the Man


The next awake section is, thankfully, our last in prison custody -- as the Penguin decides it is time to tune-up on us as revenge for what our family did to his family -- you know that story, right? -- but, as he attacks you see the Counter waves that appear over his head?  That is a clue mates!  Counter him!  Yes!  You broke his freaking hand!  Good on ya!

Now take out his crew using the different moves that you learned and, once you have them all taken out and thus have milked this for all of the XP you can, follow the prompts to escape to a higher vantage point so that you can call in assistance from your trusty and ever-faithful butler Alfred. 

The route that you take (see the video) has you jumping up on the dumpster with the ladder above it and climbing to grate above, jumping and crossing the ducts and jumping again.  As you reach the first main rooftop you will call Alfred and let him know you are safe.  Isn't he just The Man?! 

Alfred sends a supply pod your way, while asking with his remarkable polite manners, if you actually meant to be arrested and thrown into the prison?  Not so much really, but hey...  After we put the Batsuit on we unlock our first Bat-Achievement "I'm Batman" worth 10 Batpoints... Err... (10 GS) and OK, enough of the Bat-Humor LOL.

Remember that thing we snatched from the guard's belt earlier?  It was an encryption key from his radio -- and once we put it into the Bat Sequencer, err, Decoder, err, you know...  Bat thing...  And tune it this way, then that way and...  Hold down the 'A' Button and... Wait, the Bat thing has an 'A' Button?  Never mind...  We hear a radio transmission between an air patrol and Dr. Strange about the Catwoman, who is seems is in jeopardy thanks to Mr. Harvey Dent (remember him?) -- and since we know she will have all of the skinny on the situation inside Arkham City, it is to rescue Catwoman we will go!

What follows is a bit of a tutorial on using the Grapnel, the Batwing Cape, and different ways to glide -- basic glide and glide kick -- that eventually leads us to the plaza outside the Courthouse where we take on another group of thugs -- get used to that mates, it is what we do -- and find ourselves ready to proceed with the rescue.  Note that during this take-down you get to use the 'B' plus 'Y' Takedown Move, so do that a few times to get to know it.  It will come in handy later.

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