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Secure Transit Area
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Secure Transit Area

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Aylum Guide

Secure Transit Area

This is probably the first challenging fight you will face – but before you do that, go ahead and tap LB to go into Detective Mode – you can now identify targets as hostile or innocents – Go You! 

You may be tempted to charge around the corner and take them out – you might get a few that way but these guys are armed with light SMG's that will tear up your bat body Batman!  Still in detective mode?  Good, look up – you will see our old friend the Gargoyle – go ahead and zip-snag it, and then work your way along the network of Gargoyle's here to get above and behind the bad guys.

You will see on-screen prompts to walk you though this training tut – so hit A to drop silently down, and RT to crouch in Ninja Mode.  Slowly sneak up on the first bad guy and hit Y to do a silent Ninja Bat Kill!  Now rinse and repeat and all the SMG's in the world are not going to help these thugs.

The fourth prisoner is in the control cage above and to the right, so head over to the stairs and sneak on up – where you find him reporting in to The Joker – go ahead and do a silent kill for Joker's amusement and then hit the ductwork grate on the right side of the room as you came in.

When you reach the end of the duct tear out the grate here, carefully exit and do a ninja takedown on the bad guy ahead.  Now sneak up the stairs and wait for the baddie here to start his patrol, then sneak up behind him and take him out in the office area on the other side of the catwalk.

On a desk in the last of the offices is an Interview Tape for Harley Quinn – go ahead and grab that now since there are no other bad guys to bother you here.  After you listen to that, retrace your steps and drop down into the duct on the floor here (RT A) and head to the end and drop down onto the deck below.

Turn on Detective Mode and look up to spot the Gargoyle – zip-snag it and then do a glide-kick (X) on the enemy below, finishing them off with a RT Y ground takedown.  I got an upgrade at this point – my second – and a CS showing three pretty buffed enemy heading into the area with orders from the Big J to hunt me down.

A quick zip up to the nearby Gargoyle puts you out of discovery range, and allows you to position yourself so that you can begin your fight on your terms.  The most practical approach is to wait for one of the trio to be isolated and glide kick (X) then ground takedown (RT Y) them, then zip back up to a Gargoyle.

I should note that I chose the Inverted Takedown upgrade, which lets you hang from Gargoyles and snag the bad guys and then hang THEM from the Gargoyle!  Sort of smacks of Spiderman but still, a really spiffy move all the same.

With the third bad guy taken out, continue following the booze mist trail until you reach the body of a cop – and complete this challenge.  You get a few taunts from the Joker and hone in on his location via the broadcast, and then you get a riddle: Don't cut yourself on the sharply observed portrait.

If you recall we passed a portrait in the wall on our way up this short corridor to find Bales' body, so backtrack a few steps and hold LB while targeting the portrait – Success!  This mini-tut triggers an addition to the BACK menu, adding Riddler's Challenges to it.  Previously it held only Map & Objectives, Character Bio's, and Waynetech tabs.  Go ahead and examine the Challenges now – you should see that you have more than this one completed.

Right then, now a CS with Officer William Noth who lets you know what happened, and you get a new challenge objective – escape the facility to the island surface.

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