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Processing Corridor
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Processing Corridor

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Aylum Guide

Processing Corridor

As you leave the top of the ramp you are now in the Processing Corridor, and you should hear the PA announce a large number of security breaches all over the facility. Click on Detective Mode now by holding down LB and scan ahead for any troublesome bad guys.

This part of the game is where you learn that you can run by holding down A while pushing the joystick forward.  In addition to seeing the outlines of targets, you can also view their status – dead, alive, condition, and heartbeat level.  This can be useful later when you want to determine if a subject is stressed out. 

Near the end of the corridor you will take on two prisoners – just beat on them as you like – who will give you the opportunity to practice countering attacks with Y.  Go ahead and try that out – you will get the hang of it eventually.  After you defeat them you learn that incapacitating them earns you XP and health.

A guard named Eddie Burlow yells for you from the end of the left branch of the corridor, but you can ignore him; he is basically stuck at the end of what is now a dead-end corridor because the door locking mechanism is jammed here – that is what he is pounding upon.  If you talk to him you will learn that Zsasz is free and he has Mike – another guard.  Just head down to the end of the right branch to claim the Bio for Oracle first, and then turn left and go through the door that automatically opens for you.

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