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Processing Corridor Part 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Processing Corridor Part 2

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Aylum Guide

Processing Corridor Part 2

After you kick the grate out the guard in the corridor runs away, so drop down and take a look around – in fact examine the the glowing box by the forcefield-blocked exit behind you – I know it sure made me feel all warm inside that the devices impeding my progress were made by my own company!  Gotta love Wayne Industries!

Ahead of you on the floor of the corridor are more dancing teeth – so go ahead and take them out with your Batarang for some extra points, and then head on down the hall.

As you move along the corridor you should see the group of targets in the Decontamination Area around the corner – so head on over there to see that most of those targets are guards.  Just when you think things could not get anymore macabre some sort of toxic gas gets released and a seal door closes on the view port as an alarm sounds – Ruh Roh!

The guard at the sally port asks you: “Are you gonna go in there and help them Batman?”

Of course you are!

In Detective Mode, glance up and see a grapple spot – well?  Grapple it!  At the top you will find another grate to rip off the wall.  Follow this short section of duct and then kick out the grate blocking the other end and drop down.  To your right ahead is a guard who is trying to escape the gas area – move to him and hit A to rescue him and get a short CS, after which you are instructed to hold A to run and jump – doing that will get you to the next platform, where a guard will ask you to help rescue his friend Steve, who you will see ahead and to the left, on a higher level than you are now on.

Note the Trophy to the right as you enter – you cannot reach it yet so do not worry about it for now.

Target the edge of the platform above and grapple to it, and then hit A to rescue Steve.  You will now learn that Steve was trying to reach the extraction system at the far end of the room – and they now want you to activate it.

Glide down to the platform on the right, where a Blackgate prisoner is hanging off of the edge – rescue him for the Achievement 'Leave No Man Behind' (10 GP), and watch as you subdue him after pulling him up.  Now if you look across the room to the open cell like room below with Detective Mode on, you will see a glowing circuit box that will activate the extraction system.  Target it with the LT and use RT to throw a Batarang at it, triggering the exhaust fans and clearing away the toxic gas.  There is a Joker Teeth on the floor in that cell so go ahead and take it out now.

Now drop down and head back towards the other end of the room where you entered from – before you reach the area where the first trophy you could not reach is up above, turn left and you will find a grate on the floor that you can lift up.  Lift it and drop down to get a Trophy, and then climb back out.  Go back to the main corridor and turn left, and kill the Joker Teeth here, and then  head back to the end of the area where the activation box was and exit the area through the door that opens automatically.

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