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Patient Pacification Chamber
Batman: Arkham Asylum

Patient Pacification Chamber

Batman: Arkham Asylum Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Batman: Arkham Aylum Guide

Patient Pacification Chamber

First talk to Zach for a CS that shows you what you are facing – Zsasz who has taken a guard hostage – and then move into the next room, up the stairs and around the corner.  As you move throught he hall here you will see Dr. Gretchen Wagner typing on a console on your right – talk to her to receive the Bio for Mr. Zsasz – and then continue to the end of the hall where you reach two guards watching over a balcony.

When you talk to the guard on the right he will explain the situation to you, and ask you to help his friend – Zsasz's hostage.  At this point the tutorial process kicks back in, so you should follow the directions as prompted to engage Detective Mode and then target the gargoyle above. 

Using RB you grapple and shift to the gargoyle.

Your goal is to glide down behind the enemy so that he does not see you and kill the hostage. The best way to do that is to continue to grapple from gargoyle to gargoyle until you are behind the bad guy, and then glide down to fight him.  From the back of the room center the camera on the target and use X to do a glide kick, and then immediately use RT Y to do a takedown move, to score the Achievement “Shocking Rescue” (10 GP).

A CS of Harlequin is your reward – what a painted biscuit eh?  After the CS you get a Bio added for Harley Quinn – Harlequin – and then you are back in control.  Head down the ramp and turn right, then follow the deck outside the treatment area.  If you switch on detective mode you will see a ventilation grate that is glowing – go over to that and target it, hit and then tap A to tear it open, and grab the Riddler Trophy inside – which will get you another 200 XP!

Now walk around to the other side of the room and tear open the ventilation grate there – one of the guards announces that you found a way out – well of course you did!  Now use RT to crouch and follow the ventilation duct until you reach the end – where you grab another Riddler Trophy – and then kick open the grate here to make your escape.

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Comments for Patient Pacification Chamber

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ID #76981 | Sep 27th 2011 Guest
I can't get into the second vent, I can't jump, and I can't get out, I already did the first vent, how can I leave?