Getting Started

Bakery Story Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Getting Started

The idea behind Bakery Story is for you to be the owner of a bakery shop. Rather than bothering with all the finances and boring management, you are allowed to concentrate on things like what food to serve, though of course, getting lots of money is very important too! There is integration with Facebook, allowing you to invite your friends to join your neighbourhood, but more on this later.

You level up in the game by cooking as much as possible – this will allow you to cook harder products and make even more cash. Money is earned through selling produce, fairly obviously. The way to get it more quickly, however, is to interact with other players. Other players can also give you gifts.

You need to choose the food to serve in your bakery. The food must be prepared, with certain ingredients. Finally, the customers get their meal and go away happy, indifferent, or sad.

How to Get It

You can download the game, completely free of charge, from the AppStore. The only limitation is that you must be connected to the internet at all times to be able to play it. This is because there is such a reliance on interaction with friends – the game simply wouldn’t work offline.

You are able to shut the game and still be notified if your food is ready or if someone sends you an item.


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I love bakery story

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I have reached level 99 and love my bakery but would love to do it again without giving up the bakery I've worked so hard on. Is there a way to have two bakeries at once on the same device?

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HI! my id is danelle18. Please add me

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my id : cindymeii !!i love this gamee..
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I have had a really cool bakery and a restraunt story and i got a new phone and i had to restart all over. So as far as i know... yes you do:(

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I am on level 23 and it takes forever to reach new levels however cooking certain meals gives a large amount of stars/XP. To get to level 24 it takes at least 2000 stars/XP. How can I prevent that?

Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #269330

I've been gifted all the parts i need to build an ice cream maker and now how do i build it? I cant see any option how to build it using the parts given. Im still veing told to ask friends for parts.

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How do you unlock the chef coat on collectibles and how to you get up levels faster WITHOUT using the cash register method cause it runs me out of money really fast even when i have over 5,000,000 coins!

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[b]I love Ba[size=12][size=12][/size] [/size] kery Story I play it all the time!!!!!!!!!! [/b]

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how do we get many gems and money

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ok like it

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Well what if you get a new phone and your Bakery was on the other one? Will I have to start all over??

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