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S2 M2: Upgrade and Explore
Assassin's Creed Revelations

S2 M2: Upgrade and Explore

Assassin's Creed Revelations Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Sequence 02, Memory 02: Upgrade and Explore

The second memory is also a fairly simple one -- you need to upgrade your kit and explore the area -- and as you head for the exit you are reminded that chests can be found throughout the city in which you can obtain money, and you should be aware that there are also data fragments and other collection items to be had.

When you leave the HQ walk down the street to the marker for the Blacksmith -- you do not actually have any armor to get repaired but you should have enough money to purchase the shoulder armor that he has for sale, and that will give you 100% Synchronization for this memory!

Now what is left is simply wandering around and checking out the area, looking for and looting any chests that you discover and, if you check the map, you will see that there are viewpoints you can access to fill in map details, so why not seek those out and climb up them to do that before heading back to the HQ?

Two Synchs and a Chute Ride

Once you reach the top of a vantage point step onto the perch and press down the Left Stick to scan the area, and when you check your map you will see that the area around that vantage point has now been added, including any shops and services in it.

The nearest vantage point to the HQ is a very tall tower -- the Galata Tower -- and at the very top of it is the first page in the Ishak Pasha's Memoirs Page Collection -- and once you scale that and scan, then continue up to get the page off of the top, you can  parachute to the south off of the tower to unlock the Achievement "Almost Flying" (20 GS) that you get when you Parachute directly from the top of the Galata Tower to the golden horn.  The golden horn is the body of water that separates Europe and Africa basically...  You have to land in the water to actually unlock this Achievement so mind the rooftops near it as landing on one of those would suck...

If you look at the DNA Summary for the Collection Items you will see that you already unlocked the single Memoir Page for the Galata area but it also has 4 Viewpoints for you to unlock, as well as 11 Data Fragments, 12 Treasures, and 3 Hidden Treasures in the Tower itself.  You should go ahead and try to make a dent into those before heading to the marker back at the HQ for the next Memory.

-- Memory Fragments --

These are little glowing blue balls of light at night, but a bit harder to spot during the day.  They are found above ground for the most part, on perches and chimneys so you will want to be looking in that direction.  During the daytime it helps to use Eagle Vision but at night they are wicked easy to spot.

When you have found the first 50 fragments the final 50 will appear on your map making this an easy to complete collection that requires no real guide.

-- Money --

The final point that needs to be made for this memory is money -- you are going to need a HUGE amount before all is said and done, so you are better off taking whatever steps you can to ensure that you can earn a huge amount.  Whenever the bank hits 5,000 coins you need to empty your account so it can fill again.  You earn money every 20 minutes for the number of shops you control -- eventually you will be able to purchase shops that are closed and have them earning money for you as well.  Doing this should be your primary concern in addition to playing through the memories and scoring 100% synchronization.

Once you have found all of the collection items you feel you can, and you have scanned the four vantage points, head back to the HQ and trigger the next memory!

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