Assasin's Creed II Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Assassin's Creed II Guide - Walkthrough


Meet Lucy in the complex downstairs to test your skills. You just have to hit the four sensors to complete the training. Two of the sensors are on the ground floor, and the other two are on the catwalks above. Run to either side of the warehouse, press the buttons there, and then climb the stack of boxes to reach the catwalk. Activate the sensors on both catwalks and then return to Lucy.

Exit the complex to trigger a memory sequence. Sprint forward to spot a woman; start after her when she takes off. Just keep up with her as she moves through the city. Activate Eagle Vision if you lose track of her. When she enters the tower, jump onto the railing and grab hold of the ridge along the base of the tower. Climb up to the balcony railing and then jump up and grab hold of the wooden post. Continue climbing up to the top of the tower and hit the marker there to trigger a cutscene.

Back in Acre?

After the cutscene, approach the Animus and press any button when you're ready to continue.


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All I did was jump the wall and did a side jump and got right on the first try. Hope that helps

Added 3rd Jul 2013, ID #294572

Was stuck for ages, just stand on the edge of the balcony under the wood facing the door, hold r1 and press x but no direction.
Worked first time nealy stoped playing.
Hope this helps.

Added 15th Jun 2013, ID #290413

You have to be joking... I've launched off that tower so many times trying to get up on that piece of wood... it aint funny. Too much drama ... I'm sick of buying games that you get through to a certain part & then the frustration of not being able to continue makes ya want to toss it in the bin.

Added 14th May 2013, ID #282576

hey just done the tower again I lost the target so when Iwent up the tower I was at wrong side all sorted now x

Added 3rd Feb 2013, ID #249504

I have just done this tower 3 times there is no marker so no cutscene what do i do.

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249014

If you change your view to first person, it makes it much easier to grab hold of the wood.

Added 12th Dec 2012, ID #219692

I stood on the edge of the balcony under the lamp, facing the right, and jumped up. It was completely accidental and the only thing that worked for me.

Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #183871

ok i finally did it haha first i knocked the lap off (no clue if that helped or not) then i went on the balcony and faced the wall...i ran up the wall and when he couldn't go anymore i jumped off the wall and tried to angle my jump towards the post...first time i landed it and accidentally fell off haha then i did it again and stuck the landing and then you just keep climbing up....that was a tough part indeed

Added 18th Aug 2012, ID #177580

Just jump and try to knock the lamp on top of the post. It worked for me

Added 10th Jul 2012, ID #162656

lo yall ant the only ones omg mad annoying

Added 21st Nov 2011, ID #89059

The trick when you get stuck on the balcony is to get up onto the balcony so you're facing the door and the wooden post is over you. From there, you need to jump up (just up did the trick for me - no forward movement) and Desmond Miles (who is Altair in that cutscene) will automatically grab the wooden post. Then you just climb up.

I hope this helps you.

Added 31st Oct 2011, ID #84275

Yeah ... I got stuck but I just stood off to the side a lil and kept jumping and pressing both CIRCLE and SQUARE and it eventually let me clim the post ... Not sure if that's wat did the trick but your welcome to give it a shot

Added 21st Sep 2011, ID #75805

I thought this was a great game til this point. Now ive been stuck on this balcomy for a few days imabout to throw this game out the window. BTW i have consulted 3 online walk throughs. The only thing i learned was that i wasnt the only ome who couldnt climb this stupid tower in the dream

Added 7th Sep 2011, ID #73179

There is a lamp on the end of the wooden post, if you jump from one side of balcony to other enough times the lamp will swing off the post allowing altair to climb up onto it.

Added 30th May 2011, ID #45871

My game will also only let me get to the balcony. I cant grab onto the wooden post to climb higher. Any suggestions? Because until I do this then I cannot carry on with the remainder of the game...

Added 3rd Dec 2010, ID #20018