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Part 10: Crashing the Castle

Part 10: Crashing the Castle

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough and Guide

by Chris Boots-Faubert  

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Part 10: Crashing the Castle

Grabbing the Artifact in the real world

When you arrive back at home base Machiavelli is waiting -- he tells you about some valuable information he has acquired -- and you learn that Caterina will be moved soon.  The conversation concludes, and you are given the following tasks:  Discover the location of the Apple of Eden, Caterina Storza, Cesare and Rodrigo Borgia.  Hey, easy-peasy!

As you have already done all of the footwork -- assuming that you have been following this guide, all that you need to do is walk over to the quest point right here in the HQ and talk to the clerk, who will brief you, and then you will receive 100% Sync and the Achievement for Sequence 3 will unlock!  Good on ya!

Now check the map and you will see, far to the north, the next memory location -- run there now!  When you trigger the memory you get a CS of Caterina being moved -- Lucretia makes a big speech about how cool the Borgias are, then hauls Cat off to be imprisoned.  Machiavelli wants you to concentrate upon killing the two Borgias but you want to help Cat...  Gah!

-- Castello Crasher --

Your objectives are to infiltrate the castle, and not be detected doing it!

The simple way to do this is to always remember that you are an expert Assassin!  You rule the night, demons fear you, you are the man!  OK are you good and pumped up now?  I hope so because this mission is a bitch to 100%!

If you are a wimpy Navy Seal you can dive into the moat and swim across to the pilings, use those to climb out, jump to the wall and work your way to the platform and the marker.  If you are a Green Beret though, you will use your mad parkour skills to walk across the water using the bridge abutments and pilings -- you decide, are you a squid, or a man?

Wait for the guard to search the hay pile, and then when he is on patrol jump into it!  Now watch the patrol pattern and you will see your opening when the patrolling guard on your side approaches the hay to search it again.

This time you have him targeted and, when he is close enough, you assassinate him from inside the hay pile!  With him dead use your best silent kill option -- either knives or crossbow -- and take out the guard at the far end of the courtyard.  With him eliminated, do the same to the one by the ladder and then work your way to the next marker point!

When you reach the top of the ladder you will overhear a conversation between the Borgia and their church council -- listen carefully.  Interesting, hey?

Now head towards the door to the right and climb up, then shimmy to the right and assassinate the guard here by grabbing him and pulling him over the ledge to his death.  Move left until you are across from the hay pile and jump in!  You can see the next marker now, that is our destination.

Work your way along from marker to marker until you reach her cell, where you will have a brief convo and then you will set off do deal with the Borgia girl... 

-- The Long Walk --

Okay, first you need to be warned that being seen fails full Sync period.  Killing yourself to go back to the checkpoint before you were seen does not work.  You have to get through this ENTIRE sequence without ever being seen.  Are we clear on that?  Failing to get full Sync does not mean you failed the mission, it just means you will not get the Achievement for getting 100% Sync on all of the missions. To verify that you have not been seen check the pause menu objectives screen - if it is black you are fine, if it is red and says you failed, not so much.

Climb to the rampart above the door to your right then move right and assassinate the guard standing near the edge.  To the left is the marker and a hay pile, use the hay pile to hide and trigger the marker, then work your way towards the next marker, killing the guard who could see you.  A crossbow works really great here.  Drop down to the next marker and work your way along the wall here, dropping down on the narrow roof of the room that sticks out of the wall, and shooting the guard below.  Work your way to the next narrow roof, where you will pause to shoot one or two patrolling single guards before crossing the rest of the way and taking a third out.

Use the ropes to walk across to the main building, scale it up and to the right, where you will spy Lucretia having a umm, well, dood that is her brother!  Eww!  Eww!

After the CS as you progress through the jumps you see that one of the brothers is leaving the castle -- bummer, you will not be able to kill him then.  Another CS plays in which Lucretia puts the bear-down on Cat, breaking her hip, and then storms off with the key to the cell...  That means we have to get the key from her or somehow get her to unlock the cell...

Once you are inside be slow and stealthy.  Take your time and only take out guards who are alone.  Hide any bodies and be stealthy until you get the notice that you have 100% Sync, after which the gloves come off mate.  You can now go full-Arnold death machine!

-- At Cat --

While surprised to see you it is clear that Cat is not all that sure you can get her out of here.  Alive anyway.  She tells you that Lucretia has the key, so you go off in search of her, and find her with a lover on a patio,  It seems she is using this guy to make her brother jealous -- after the guard leaves go and talk to her, and then physically take her to the cells!

Along the way you will need to kill guards who fail to realize that this is a hostage situation.  They should back off but instead they attack, so clearly they do not really care if you know, you kill her.  It is a long walk if you mess up and forget that you need to turn left into that small opening at the second landing and continue down, because down leads to a section of dead-ends.  So stay on track, kill the guards, recapture her often, and eventually you will arrive at the cells!

Once you reach the cells Cat will pull the key out of Lucretia's cootchie and unlock the cell, then give her a love tap, and lock her into the cell.  Now you must escape!  Together!

 -- The Great Escape --

You need to escape with Cat and to 100% you need to make the escape without being seen.  This is actually harder to do than it was to get into the castle without being seen!  But you can do it!  Work your way along, sneaking behind guards where you can, and you will reach a portcullis gate that you must raise.  To do that you have to crank two switches -- one to the right, one to the left.  Take Cat with you ti each because if you get too far from her by leaving her at the gate you can fail the mission.

With the gate now open, carry her through to the stables, where you will both mount up and have your other escape.

-- Ride Captain Ride! --

You would think considering the size of these horses that you could ride through pretty much any crowd of soldiers, knocking them aside, and have your escape, but once you actually do have your escape you need to remain behind to fight a LARGE group of solders all by your lonesome. To get 100 % Sync you will need to not lose a lot of health -- actually try not to lose any -- if you fight this as a purely defensive fight you should have no trouble doing this!

Cat pleads with you to get back to her in one piece -- that is the plan Cat!

Eventually as the fight progresses a timer will kick in - fight through that timer and then make your own escape.  In theory you should be trying to remove your notoriety prior to heading back to the base, but the reality is that, using the roofs you can go straight home without having to do that and it not have a negative effect on the game.

 The end of this is actually pretty predictable -- well, partly anyway, because you knew Lucretia was going to get hers, and besides she is just... Ick.  That's all I am saying about that.

Once you have escaped and made it back home the memory ends and you begin the next memory!

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Comments for Part 10: Crashing the Castle

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ID #47975 | Jun 9th 2011 Guest
I found it easier to release and recapture (tap 'O' twice) Lucretia about every ten steps or so while she's restrained than to wait for her to break her hold and then have to run her down. This keeps her within easy reach.