Fable II Guide - The Rescue

Finally, depending on the fertility of your many marriages, you should probably have a child by now. This will trigger a quest known as The Rescue, where your child, presumably imitating your heroic deeds, has wandered off into a cave not long after being born (they age quickly!).

Your partner will tell you where they have gone, to the legendary Hobbe Cave in Rookridge which you would hope would be empty of Hobbes by now (alas, it is not). It is unfortunately bursting at the seams with Hobbes, but you'll have to fight your way through to the cages at the end. Kill the main Hobbe in here to get the key to the cage and then lead your child out, past more enemies (make sure they don't get eaten!) and out of danger, out of the cave. This not only gives you your child back, which would surely be enough for any parent, but 1500 renown, 30 good points and the Hobbe Staff Head trophy.