The Rescue

Fable 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Mike Hazleton  

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Fable II Guide - The Rescue

Finally, depending on the fertility of your many marriages, you should probably have a child by now. This will trigger a quest known as The Rescue, where your child, presumably imitating your heroic deeds, has wandered off into a cave not long after being born (they age quickly!).

Your partner will tell you where they have gone, to the legendary Hobbe Cave in Rookridge which you would hope would be empty of Hobbes by now (alas, it is not). It is unfortunately bursting at the seams with Hobbes, but you'll have to fight your way through to the cages at the end. Kill the main Hobbe in here to get the key to the cage and then lead your child out, past more enemies (make sure they don't get eaten!) and out of danger, out of the cave. This not only gives you your child back, which would surely be enough for any parent, but 1500 renown, 30 good points and the Hobbe Staff Head trophy.


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I kind of have multiple wives, and his mum didnt come, some other woman did. i murdered her expecting his mum to come.
does this mean i have to keep killing wives until she comes?

Added 10th Dec 2012, ID #218530

the quest tells me to rescue my child but when i go to see my husband there is my daughter standing right by my house and my husband says nothing about the quest! Should i go to the hobbe cave anyway or just ignore the quest?

Added 31st Jul 2012, ID #170656

I can not find my spouse and I live in Bowerstone market:(

Added 4th Jun 2012, ID #148672

soo...i found my wife go through the cave but my kid isn't there what do i do

Added 6th Apr 2012, ID #129958

This is the gayest game In the world but it's a gr8 game :->

Added 6th Mar 2012, ID #120827

couldnt find my wife for the longest then when i did she has no ring over her head,she says nothing of our child,and all she wants to do is have sex.what a freak

Added 22nd Feb 2012, ID #117294

the answer is just do not have kids, and you never have to do the quest

Added 4th Jan 2012, ID #102610

Why does "the rescue" start in rookridge, when my yellow trail leads to Bowerstone cemetry? And i killed my spouse and my daughter walked away and then the rescue quest came up????

Added 24th Oct 2011, ID #82550

i saved my daughter and i didn't tell her to follow me but she did then i got out of the hobb cave nd the wrong spouse was there and so i killed him because my daughter woldn't move out of the corner >:( please elp me what do i do i can't get her out of the hut thing!

Added 23rd Oct 2011, ID #82459

OK First, if you have set Fairfax Castle as your martial home. It's glitched. Second, if you are having trouble exiting the cave with your child - As soon as you free your child from the cage !DO NOT MAKE HER FOLLOW YOU! She will follow you on her own accord. Just wait for her to finish talking. She will say something like "Let's go home" then walk a little ways to make sure she is following. But DO NOT USE FOLLOW EXPRESSION! If she is following you, you should be able to exit cave WITH your son/daughter just fine and find your spouse waiting for you outside to greet the two of you. If you have any questions, message me. My Gamertag: Bo Aries

Bo Aries
Added 6th Oct 2011, ID #78612

ok so this is redicouls! so ive tried this 80 times and it still dont work. i live in that castle in fairfax and ive searched that house millions of times and shes never there and in the cave my golden trail leads me out. this is the gayest quest in the f*cking world! how can i find my wife?? it takes me right to the throne room but nothings there! nothing at all.. could someone help me out with this gay a*s quest? text me 406-478-0560

Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #64085

Well Well, I can See I am not the only one with the spouse problem. but mine is i have been living in the fairfax castle when in did the rescue quest. and now my spouse is gone but my three kids are running around fairfax garden i can talk to them and every thing. but now when i try and find my wife the golden path thinging take me to the right side of fairfax between the wall and the gard hut or building what ever you want to call it. so is this a glich or the game what ever it is let me know thanks

Added 9th Jun 2011, ID #48058

im having the same problem i cant find my wife anywhere im wondering if she divorced me!!!

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47767

does anyone think they know a way to fix this?

Added 24th May 2011, ID #44735

The staff that made this quest epic failed.There shouldnt be these kind of bugs.

Added 21st May 2011, ID #44185

What if you live in oakvile

Added 29th Apr 2011, ID #40399

is your spouse meant to follow you into the cave? becasue i couldn't dismiss mine and he followed me ALL THE WAY. i had to get my brother to help, one of us protecting howard so he didn't die, and the ther killing the hobbes. when i get out after trying 5 or 6 times to rescue carol she just stands n a corner... i tried herding her but nothing happened. also she won't respond to my expressions.

Added 19th Apr 2011, ID #38284

my damn spouse has gone missing and i need to do the quest, where could i find here if we lived in castle fairfax??? i have looked everywhere!!!

Added 8th Apr 2011, ID #36339

I live n Bowerstone Old Town, married to a bard named Jim and i have a missing child named Rachel. It keeps telling me that she is missing and I CANT FIND MY FLIPPING HUSBAND

Added 2nd Apr 2011, ID #35365

i live in castle farifax and i cant find my husband anywhere in farifax gardens can someone help me plz?

Added 19th Mar 2011, ID #33270

I was having the issue where you port into the Hobbe Cave from the quest menu after receiving the quest from your spouse outside the general store in Bowerstone. This took me to the lower entrance (not the one where the step ladder goes up into the old coach house building below the tavern). After having battled my way to my daughter i'd get her to follow me through the expression menu, and lead her out following the gold path to the ladder, the opposite entrance from where i'd com in. I'd go up the ladder and she hadn't followed me.... I ended up resetting this 4 times and redoing the quest, repeatedly bugging out. Very frustrating.

After reading the comments on here, I reloaded the quest (automatically being ported back to my now rather angry spouse) and ported to Rookridge through the Quests/Maps > Regions menu (yes, this does mean you have to walk!), and entered the Hobbe cave via the coach house entrance (down the ladder) Immediately there is a difference where i could hear her shouting. I battled my way to her, and rescued her. She would not accept the 'follow' expression. I carried on anyway and she automatically followed me (no icon above her head). The gold path lead me back up to the ladder, and on it reloading outside she was there , and my spouse was waiting for me just outside the entrance! Finally.

I did not encounter the problem with her standing/sitting in a corner unresponsive at any point. Nor have i updated the game through Xbox Live.

I hope this is useful to someone just as frustrated with this stupid quest as i was! haha

Added 6th Mar 2011, ID #31599

When I leave thru the ladder my kid is gone....wth

Added 23rd Jan 2011, ID #26512

I did it 3 times. The difference between the first two and the third was that instead of warping into Hobbe Cave i warped to rookridge and ran to hobbe cave. Then when i got to my daughter she followed me on her own instead of me telling her to follow like the first two times.

Added 21st Jan 2011, ID #26253

WTF I can't find my Wife

Added 14th Jan 2011, ID #25335

Had problems finding my wife, then finally i found her, but she didnt have the ring above her head, so stuck with my wife who apparently arent my wife or something. need help moving on. think ill try buying a new house and moving her. cause this is rly pissing me off

Added 10th Jan 2011, ID #24871

i think that this was an add in to mess with us cause it told me that my child was missing and the only child i had was at the house in the demon door at Oakfield but i had already killed my husband ;) he had a glitch and had to die so don't blame me for their mess ups...hopefully fable 3 will be better cause the first two had a lot of glitches

Added 7th Jan 2011, ID #24393

My poor kid.

Added 2nd Jan 2011, ID #23778

This stupid mission took me 4 attempts! I swear, the last time the trail lead me a different way. Also, I didn't have to have my kid follow me - she just did it on her own. After the third time I saved

Added 8th Dec 2010, ID #20498

I completed this quest, Did you all update the game? You need to be signed into Xbox live though (that is if your fable 2 game is for Xbox, if it's pc can't help ya there).

Added 4th Dec 2010, ID #20078

My problem with his quest is that I save the kid. I kill all the hobbes and get to the ladder. The kid is with me when I get to the ladder but when I exit the kids not there. So I can't complete the quest because the kid doesn't follow me out of the cave. I've tried using the Follow expression to make him follow me while we're in the cave and he still doesn't come out of the cave. Whats the deal?

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18671


It doesn't matter how many wives you have or who you are married to. The quest 'The Rescue' is bugged and the only way I could fix it (sleeping for seven weeks failed) was to save and quit and re-enter the game. Worked first time for me but apparently you may have to try a few times.

Added 14th Nov 2010, ID #18210

when i could not find my wife i sleep for 7 days it works 100% of the time for me

Added 28th Oct 2010, ID #16570

If ur child is in the corner move house! thats what i did and he moved

Added 27th Oct 2010, ID #16414

You have to go in through the entrance with the ladder. (The tunnel in the building by the bridge.) Once you rescue your son/daughter you come out the same way you come in. Your spouse should be waiting for you outside once you come out.

Added 23rd Oct 2010, ID #15963


i married alex and i cant find her eny were this is gay

Added 22nd Oct 2010, ID #15869

ok so i think im just going to get a new family, cuz this quest is really effing me off.. same thing happening to me..

Added 18th Oct 2010, ID #15500

I live in the castle, but my wife doesnt, and i found my wife in front of th furniture shop. When i try to rescue my child, im going up the ladder and my child is still in the cave and i cant go back without reloading

(Soz for crappy english)

Added 15th Oct 2010, ID #15204

im having the same problem as most. my kid appears after i leave using the same way a came, the ladder in the basement of the old inn. he stands staring at a crate, unresponsive and the quest STILL says to escape the cave. ive tried dismissing him before i go to back up the ladder, and ive tried keeping him following. BOTH have the same result.

Added 5th Oct 2010, ID #14458

My husband disappeared too. The glowing trail won't show up, so I can't hunt him down. Going to save and then reload.

But no worries - I have three other husbands willing to satisfy my urges. And a bunch of crotchdroppings as a result. dumb kids.

Added 5th Oct 2010, ID #14446

to do list

get new wife
have new son
give new so gun

Added 14th Sep 2010, ID #12508

have you guys tried having the glowing trail lead you to your spouses. You can do that by going to maps then families and click the A button.

Added 12th Sep 2010, ID #12381

cant wait for fable 3

Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #12029

lol i wrote the same thing twice !

Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #12028

you know that felling of all the people in the town are running from you no well i do and it is not cool i cant even go in to a shop without the annoying sound of a old man crying for me to spare him i cant buy anything all i want is a coat p.s my wife is missing to so i got a new family

Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #12027

every one runs from me and its really annoying when you want things from shops i cant buy anything so i killed every one but they keep coming back and hate me even more i just want a new coat some one help me im going to go insane and ill probably kill every bunny i see he he he ah good times

Added 9th Sep 2010, ID #12026

This game really does get annoying, i love it but the glitches tear me apart. i completed the quest but it took way too many reloads and a lot of patience. i considered letting them eat my daughter, but this was on my pure file and i figured i should stick to my pattern. if you guide your kid to the ladder and then dismiss them, they should appear outside with you. as for the missing spouses i cant help you there. my wife always stays in bowerstone market.

Added 4th Sep 2010, ID #11326

how do i get out of the hobbes cave once i have rescued my child ?? HELP PLEASE!!! :(

Added 2nd Sep 2010, ID #11102

AURGHHHHHH! I've completed the game twice (both on different accounts) and i still can't find my Husband! ive looked in every Region! So annoying!!! Nearly threw the pad, anyway, will it work if i just go to the Cave in Rookridge?

Added 30th Aug 2010, ID #10837

First off u can't sell the castle because it's a unique building.Secondly this game is really glithy because u guys don't wait and third i killed all 10 of my spouses because they epicly fail in bed.

Added 21st Aug 2010, ID #9814

I killed my spouse. Lol.

Added 15th Aug 2010, ID #8978