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BAIL BOND MISSIONS: Bail Bond Jumper: Larry Tupper

PREREQUISITES: MM #16 (Mr. Phillips), Bail Bond Mission 1, Must be Trevor.

Some time after the first bail bond mission Maude will contact you with this second bail bond mission. Our target this time is a guy named Larry Tupper who is hiding out in the boonies. To be more specific, he is in the "Grand Senora Desert" but even that is very vague. If you take a look at his last known location photo you'll see it matches a very particular section of road that is located south of the intersection of Route 68 and Route 13.

Another way of trying to locate it (in case you need further help) is to look at your map and you'll see a large area of the land where Trevor's safehouse is is colored tan. Now, look at the southwest portion and you'll see a Suburban clothing store. To the southwest is a piece of road shaped like a "U". Larry is located in between the two dirt roads in the middle of that U section.

When you get there Larry won't be alone. He'll have five friends who will immediately open fire on you once they realize what you are there to do (which is immediately since Trevor isn't known for being subtle). Take them out and then chase Larry down (you can drive after him and then get out and chase him once you get close). Smack him once with your fist and he'll surrender.

From there all you need to do is transport him back to Maude. Larry and Trevor also have some history together, so enjoy the chat on your way to making some more money.


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