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BAIL BOND MISSIONS: Bail Bond Jumper: Glenn Scoville

PREREQUISITES: MM #16 (Mr. Phillips), Bail Bond Mission 2, Must be Trevor.

After a small amount of time has passed from the last bail bond mission, Maude will shoot you an email about this new mission. Our target this time is a man named Glenn Scoville, a banker and adrenaline junkie.

The last known location photo is actually a picture of the top of Mount Chiliad. Go figure, right? Well, just in case you don't know where that is, it is north of the Alamo Sea (which is north of Trevor's safehouse), and is the highest peak in the game. So head over there and start heading up! Bring along a motorcycle, ATV, or dune buggy to help make your ascent easier.

Once you get to the top enjoy the sights and then check out the south / south-east slope to find the mark. His adrenaline junkie status is confirmed as soon as Trevor announces himself as he jumps off the mountain with his parachute.

Quickly grab a nearby spare parachute (located next to a motorcycle parked nearby) and jump after him! Trevor will equip the parachute automatically but you have to remember to press the action button to open the parachute. Follow Glenn down; he will land somewhere before he hits the water. As soon as you can chase him down and smack him once to get him to surrender.

From there you just need to jack a vehicle and take him back to Maude. More money for you!

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you can just shoot his leg if you can't hit him

Added 6th Nov 2015, ID #622886

People are saying they're struggling with not killing the guys. You don't need to hit them, just run into them while chasing them on foot & Trevor will push them which won't hurt them but will make them give up. Have fun :-)

Added 3rd Aug 2014, ID #430208

the easiest way to find the perps is too get there exact location off internet that i do it where is the fun in that but good luck find all bail bond jumpers

Added 14th Apr 2014, ID #374716

if i used the parachute cheat will this compromise the mission? i used it before i reized the game provided one for you like an idiot

Added 13th Apr 2014, ID #374583

When I went to the top of the mountain he was never there but Maude had given me the email for it already

Added 22nd Jan 2014, ID #346640

ok so i have gone up there multiple times and al i can find is a message on the deck by the bikes that says come back when story complete and i have finished it

Added 21st Jan 2014, ID #346565

Hi! I jumped off the cliff and shot that glenn guy in the air so he died a beautiful death, but i get no 'mission complete' or anything and i cant call maude without getting the answering machine, what should i do? Do i have to follow him in the air? More fun killing him.

Added 13th Nov 2013, ID #319281

It may be better to use your stun gun so keep it equipped.

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318883

Pretty much only a jackass would come to a cheat site, then call the people who did the post lazy. Why don't you find him yourself.

Added 18th Oct 2013, ID #315157

For the forth one get a chopper and fly directly north of the discount store by the grape seed air strip. He's near the highway

Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #311693

There is a lot of clues in the picture, you have to find them

Added 29th Sep 2013, ID #311692

@gciaramella just go find the person that you were on. they will be there regardless of how much time has passed in the game

Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311284

i didnt go after the 2nd bail bond mission guy an went on to beat the story and now maudes txt disappeared from my phone. how i do i get another txt or restart this side quest?

Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311277

you do realize there are more than 3 bail bonds missions. im waiting for the lazy person who did this guide to get the others cause the picture doesnt give away where he is

Added 25th Sep 2013, ID #311199

I used the cable car to get up top. Then accidently punched the perp and he went crashing down the mountain. Ooops.

Added 25th Sep 2013, ID #311085

All you have to do is take the western cable car and it will bring you to the mountain top. You don't need to find a bike and tough it all the way up on a bike or ATV. smh.

Added 23rd Sep 2013, ID #310831

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