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859 nicko 9000 2nd May 2008 70% Read Review
860 superblobby 2nd May 2008 100% Read Review
866 koolkid24 11th May 2008 100% Read Review
894 nicko 9000 1st Jul 2008 70% Read Review
896 Alexzander 7th Jul 2008 86% Read Review
913 47 24th Jul 2008 98% Read Review
984 L game clocker 4th Nov 2008 80% Read Review
1338 Jakethesnake14 28th Apr 2011 84% Read Review
1376 Ayman493 17th Oct 2011 100% Read Review
1412 Cheat holder 19th May 2012 82% Read Review

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There was a lot of hype and build up for Grand Theft Auto IV, and to be honest it never really satisfied my gaming experience. I love the previous title, San Andreas and other games like Saints Row, so my expectations of what GTA 4 had to offer way very different.
Firstly this game is more of role playing game where you stroll the streets of Liberty City making friends and enemies. So there is no actual creating a powerful gang.
The game goes into a lot of depth within each main character with each having an influential past. Also character animations and facial expressions are definitely of the next generation.
Secondly after 20 to 30 hours of play I found myself very bored playing the same type of missions over and over, deliver drugs and kill some people. This was a little tedious after days of gaming.
And thirdly the map didn’t seem as big as the hype made it up to be. The three main islands were very similar with environment and building structure remaining alike.

The game does have to be commemorated on the impressive graphics throughout the whole game. The character and car actions were a vast improvement on past GTA titles.
The game also allowed you to make choices along the way that would affect the way you get to the finish line, and of course the decisions had to be whether to kill or not.

Overall Grand Theft Auto IV is average, good at best, in my opinion. I would not recommend purchasing this game, try renting it before sending your hard earned cash on another sequel downfall.


No thumbs

Added 8 May 2008, ID #2501, by deadlysnips and get
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