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Review Added 22 Jan 2005, ID #12458
Not much different with graphics although the storyline is better.

Score: 67/125
GTA 2 Review Added 5 Dec 2004, ID #12344
The graphics of this game havent improved much, the storyline has.

Review Score 38/50
Bloody Murder To Anyone Who Angers Me Added 8 Apr 2004, ID #11461
Hehe...get your revenge by killing people in as many ways as possible.

Let me list just a few:
Hit by car
Blown up by tank
Any many more.

If that isn't enough, you can work for gangs of your choice to do their dirty work for them.

Great game, great fun and great graphics!
ID #3582

This game is the coolest man!!

If you havent already got it then go check it out right now!!

ID #3581

Adventure 60/100 (way too hard)

Sound 65/100

Graphicks 70/100

OVERALL 65/100

Need more cities Added 15 Dec 2003, ID #3728
Run it Added 11 Aug 2003, ID #3298
ID #1253

If u hav a goal kick,throw in or a free kick [It usaly works just using goal kicks + free kicks].

Hold down sqaure,circle, or triangle + any directional button and u can move your player anywhere on the field[except into the crowd]

ID #1251

__1080 triple backflip_______________

Go to the last level of the game(Acclaim Max Games Vert) and jump into the half pipe and then turn right.

there is a big hill with a jump at the bottom of it. ride to the top of the hill and come back down the hill.

When you get to the bottom of the ramp hold x and then you will get more air. while in the air press

down 3 times and then hit square. After you do that hold R1 or R2 you can also hold L1 or L2.

I did a 1080 triple backflip.

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