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Chapter 9: Ice Caverns | God of War: Ascension Walkthrough

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God of War: Ascension

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God of War: Ascension Walkthrough and Guide


Chapter 9: Ice Caverns

While riding the python, you'll have to fend off an enemy ambush. Keep fighting them until you see a green glowing hooks to the left where you can swing. Take note that the other hooks are covered in ice so you have to wait for the ice to break off then swing across.

The next parts are just a series of swinging, running and sliding across to catch up with the python. What you need to do is pretty straightforward and obvious so I won't be describing them in detail here. At the end of this sequence, the last lever will be activated and the tower will be fully activated.

After the tiring sequence, climb back up the tower again and go down the ramp to find a treasure. (Oracle Seeker's Offering)

Delphi Tower Treasure

Continue up and exit. Use the ladder to reach the top of the tower. Here, you'll have to defeat the manticore. For the first part of the battle, you just have to avoid it's fire run and concentrate on engaging it on the ground. After weakening it, grapple it to initiate a QTE. Land a couple of attacks then dodge to keep holding the manticore in place. After 3-4 sets, it will try to break free. Mash the circle button to keep it in place.

After its wings are torn off, it will use its tail as its main weapon. This has a wide arc and range so be careful. It will also release two hatchlings to make your life a bit harder. Keep your distance and weaken the hatchlings so you can easily grab them and finish them off with a melee attack. Continue making hit-and-run attacks to the manticore until it gradually weakens. Finish it off during the QTE sequence. Take note that you still have to press the attack buttons and dodge manually to successfully complete the sequence.

After the battle, pull the crank to make the temple close enough to the tower. Enter the temple afterward.


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