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Goblin Commander: The Few, The Proud, The Best For PS2 Added 23 Apr 2004, ID #8358
This game is easily one of the best of it's genre for PS2.

Although there aren’t many, this game rises above them and takes the gold.

Even on PC I believe this game would soar.

It's very unique gameplay takes it beyond RTS. At times I'd even say it becomes a RPG.

In GC: UTH, you play a vengeful clan leader of the Stonecrusher clan.

It is your job to kill your enemies who treacherously murdered your master.

One of the cool things about this game is that you are able to control the enemy clan after you defeat its clan leader.

The game has a very different control system than normal RTS games. It enables you to control your soldiers by actually becoming them.

Let me explain further. You are aloud to become you squad of soldiers, and move them like an action/RPG game.

The game also features things called Titans. These are might creatures or structures that you are in control of to duke it out with your opponent.

They range from giant trolls, to massive balls of slime.

The only quark that bothered me in this game was the 2 player mode.

You are able to play another play on your PS2, but you can't play NPCs without going into the campaign mode.

This bothered me because playing the campaign 37 times over is not my idea of fun.

Other than this flaw, I have found nothing wrong with the game, and its graphics are also quite amazing.

So if you are into RTS or RPGs, pick up this title and you won't regret it.
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