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Gex 64: Enter the Gecko

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ID #695

OKay.Lets start with...

Gameplay:While the lizerd is quite easy to control,he sometimes moves off as the tinyest touch of the control stick makes him move.I found this to be quite a problem.Marks:6/10

Reason:Some games need you to push the stick right up before you can even tiptoe.However,I found the control system a little hard to get used to.And if you even nudge the control stick,you'll move.

Looks:These are impressive!My eyes nearly poped out of their sockets when I seen the game.Everything looks so real!!!Marks:8/10

Reason:I seen better looking games than this,but it's one of the best!!

Lifespan:Not to big,but throw in bonuses and you've got a game that'll last you about a month.But it's still to easy.Marks:3/10

Reason:It's way too easy.But it'll last you a bit longer than some games.

Overall:I like the looks and gameplay.Butit's to short and easy.


ID #694
Man I love this game!It has the best

costumes you can be a:


Army man,


And more!!!

If you don't think this is fun I don't know what fun is.It's an awesome

game buy it!!!This is my opinion.


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