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567 Zelda bandit 13th Mar 2007 98% Read Review
581 ChristianWilloughby 1st Apr 2007 94% Read Review
601 money_polo12321 21st Apr 2007 90% Read Review
634 superstyle4 13th Jun 2007 86% Read Review
707 i h8 fanboyism 10th Sep 2007 76% Read Review
898 gabby_juarez 10th Jul 2008 96% Read Review
932 checkmateman 11th Aug 2008 80% Read Review
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Gears of War is a great game Added 18 Nov 2011, ID #7992
Gears of War is one of the best games for Xbox 360 from the graphics to the sound. My only complaint is that there is not a lot of guns in the even though the ones have are good. and get
Gears Of War Review Added 27 Mar 2007, ID #1023
Hi, this is my short review on the game, \'Gears Of War\'. I think this agme is amazing, the graphics are awsome, the gameplay is great. But best of all is the Online gameplay, that is what makes this game amazing. You can do a co-op online with someone else. The best is the online team action, you go head to head with another team of players who are all out there to rip you to shreds withe the Chainsaw bayonet. So there you have it my short review.

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