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Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough and Guide

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Section 4 – One Step Closer

Head to the gate and kick it open. Proceed inside the building and refill your ammo as necessary. Head outside to encounter more locusts. Clear the perimeter around the turrets then head there to use it against the locust reinforcements. Keep killing them until you reach the checkpoint.

A handful of enemies will burst through the door behind the turrets so kill them and proceed inside. Go through the next door and continue forth to find a truck. Shoot the imulsion container beside it to create a footbridge. There's a gnasher shotgun and ammo in the small room beside the truck as well.

Go across the truck and open the next door to reach the police station. After getting the explosives, proceed to the next room and take out the tickers. Find the stairs and continue fighting upstairs. Kill the ragers that will burst through the other wall then exit the police station. Proceed along the alley until you encounter some locusts on the highground. Take cover and proceed carefully.

Hide in the alley to the right and aim for the imulsion container in the stairwell of the building to the left. The explosion will make the large pipe fall down, providing much needed cover. Take cover behind the pipe then go through the building to the left. More enemies will appear in the next alley. Enter the next building and clear the next building ahead.

Once you enter the next building, you'll find the COG tag skull on the door ahead. Go downstairs and you'll find the COG tag on the floor, in the corner of the next room.

D. Strome, PVT, Halvo Bay

Head outside and enter the next building and go upstairs. Take out the next few enemies and proceed to the courtyard of the hotel. Take out the enemies and enter the door. You have to place the charges and activate them in the midst of enemy fire. After activating all the charges, you have to take out the locust reinforcements outside the building.




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