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Gears of War: Judgment Walkthrough and Guide

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Section 1 - Reunion

Continue down the ramp until you encounter some locusts. Get past the gate for a checkpoint and a scene. The mountainside will collapse due to a locust strike so run towards the building to avoid being buried. Once inside the service station, activate the generator and the switch to create a path for you.

Exit the service station and go through the parking lot. There's a thick fog covering the area and lots of tickers so move slowly and shoot/ kick them out of the way as necessary. Head to the guardhouse and open the gate using the switch inside. Proceed to the next area.

You'll be ambushed by snipers first so take cover and take them out. There's a longshot that you can use near the gate. After eliminating the snipers, more locusts will swarm in from the building to the right. Find cover and kill them all.

Enter the building and exit through the door. Continue along the alley and enter the shopping center's security room. Continue downstairs and kick the next door open. You'll be ambushed by locusts again. Take out the gunner on the turret upstairs then proceed up. Use the turret to take out the enemy reinforcements as well.

Go through the opening on the wall and fight more enemies in the courtyard. Keep killing several waves of enemies until your objective changes. There's also a COG tag in the area. Go downstairs then turn to the left to find a COG tag skull on the wall. Check the alcove in front of it to find the COG tag.

D. Rovik, BG, Ephyra

Open the next set of doors to reach Paduk's camp.

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