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Follow the dark path or use the light
WWE Wrestlemania X8 Pack Shot

WWE Wrestlemania X8

WWE Wrestlemania X8 Cheats for GameCube

We have 3 cheats on GameCube

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Old takerAdded 7 May 2006, ID #5824
Go to create a character, next pick appearance and choose male, then go to face pick no.6 for the eye color choose white, for his hair pick no.8(keep it the color) then go to upper body and pick no.4,for lower body choose no.7. I recommend for his front grapple special to be the choke slam from hell.

WWE Wrestlemania X8 CheatsAdded 31 Aug 2004, ID #2594
WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena:
To unlock the WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena wrestle in all ther arenas in
Exhibition mode.

Original WWE SmackDown Arena:
To unlock the original WWE SmackDown Arena win the WWE Undisputed
Championship with The Rock.

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena:
With any Superstar win the Royal Royal to unlock the WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena.
ID #636
Chris Benoit:

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship.

Vince McMahon:

Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship.

Ric Flair:

Win The WWE European Championship.


Win The WWE Hardcore Championship.


Win The WWE Light Heavyweight Championship.

Stacy Keibler:

Win The WWE Tag Team Championship.

Original WWE SmackDown Arena:

Win The WWE Undisputed Championship as The Rock.

WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena:

Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode.

WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena:

Win the Royal Royal with any superstar.

Hint: More creation points:

You can earn more create a wrestler points by winning matches (and defending your title) in Path Of A Champion mode.

Create a wrestler and win all the titles or win one and defend it many times. Then, swap it to another memory card. You can change just that person's appearance and they will have all there CAW points increased.

Hint: Rhyno: Gore:

Get a special with Rhyno, press Y to run at your victim, then press A + B.

Information in this section was contributed by ultimatelyghetto/the rockandsock.

Hint: Tajiri: Tarantula:

In order to do the Japanese Buzzsaw's Tarantula, get your opponent in the corner facing the turnbuckle. Then, press A in any direction.

Hint: Easy match with weapons:

In a match that you are allowed to use weapons, get good, tall weapons (chair, trash can, stick, etc.) and hit your opponent on the ground. Continue to do so until they are in the dark blue. Then, drop the weapon and use your moves and get your special, or at least close to it. Then, do your submission (special or not) and they should quit if you have problems making them submit.

Hint: Hardcore match: Easy win:

Beat your opponent until he is in the blue. When he stands up, either do a move off the top or run and do a move (Clothesline, Elbow Smash, etc.) on top of him or her. Then, go for the pin.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Get on the cage:

Continuously bash your opponent's head against the side of the cage or just throw him against it using an Irish Whip attack (A + Y). After about three to five hits on the side wall, it will break open. You can now go out and climb to the top. Note: Once you are on the top, slam your opponent on the ground a few times. After about six or seven good slams, it will break and you will fall through on the ring. If your aim is good, you can land on other opponents in the ring or even better, the referee.

Hint: Hell In A Cell match: Bust people through:

Slam a person on top of the cage two times. On the third hit, they will fall through the cage.

Hint: Ladder match: Easy win:

Pummel your opponent with a weapon until they are in the blue. Set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climb. Alternately, pummel your opponent for a while. Wait until they get the ladder, set it up, and climb it. Climb it also and punch them off. Then, jump to get the belt.

Hint: Royal Rumble match: Easy wins:

When you enter the Royal Rumble and the match starts, quickly clothesline your opponent, then press X to pick him up. Then press X + A to throw him into the ropes. Keep kicking after he falls until his meter is in the light blue. Keep doing this and it will get in the dark blue and you will eliminate him.

Hint: Table match: Easy win:

Pick up the table and press Y near the corner of the ring. Your character will set up the table against the ring post. Next, whip your opponent into the corner in which the table is placed. Run at him and press A to slam him through the table. Note: This also works with ladders.

Grab a table with X + A and walk to a corner. Press X to place it on a slant. Grab your opponent and press Y + A in the direction of the table. When the opponent connects with the table, press Y to run. Near the opponent, press B and slam your him or her to break the table.

When the match begins, exit the ring. Run to the announcer's table and press X to climb on it. While on the table, taunt (press the D-pad in any direction) until your opponent gets on the table with you. Use a DDT or any move that slams a person to the mat. This will break the table, and end the match in your favor.

As soon as Triple Threat or Fatal Four Way Table Match starts, do a running attack towards your nearest opponent. Immediately after this, exit out of the ring and get on top of the announcer's table. The wrestler you attacked (or another wrestler) should follow you out of the ring and onto the table. As soon as he gets on the table, slam him through it.

Press X + A to pick up a table, hit your opponent a few times, get in the ring, and set up the table in the turnbuckle by pressing X and the direction of the turnbuckle. Irish Whip your opponent in the table, then punch them with B.

Hint: Tag match: Tag partner from top rope:

When you are on the apron (you not being the legal man), climb the turnbuckle nearest you and press Z. You will reach out and your partner will tag you.

Hint: Escape grapple:

To get out of a grapple, press L.

Information in this section was contributed by gcjhkid07.

Hint: Escape punch or kick attack:

To get out of a wrestler's punch or kick attack, press R.

Hint: Escape special:

To get out of a wrestler's special move, press L + R.


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