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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Pack Shot

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker


Island Details

by sheiny

       Forsaken Fortress: Heart Container, Heart Piece
             Star Island: 1 Heart Piece, Deku Sprout
   Northern Fairy Island: Great Fairy, Sub
               Gale Isle: Heart Container, Triforce Shard
    Crescent Moon Island: 1 Heart Piece, Sub
        Seven-Star Isles: 1 Heart Piece, Triforce Shard, Big Octo
         Overlook Island: Nothing
           Four-Eye Reef: Nothing
    Mother & Child Isles: Great Fairy, Deku Sprout, Goron Merchant
        Spectacle Island: 1 Heart Piece, Beedle
         Windfall Island: 8 Heart Pieces, Beedle
           Pawprint Isle: 2 Heart Pieces, Beedle
     Dragon Roost Island: Heart Container, 3 Heart Pieces, Beedle
 Flight Control Platform: 1 Heart Piece, Sub
    Western Fairy Island: Great Fairy
         Rock Spire Isle: 3 Heart Pieces, Beedle
           Tingle Island: 1 Heart Piece, Big Octo
  Northern Triangle Isle: Nothing
    Eastern Fairy Island: Great Fairy, Deku Sprout
           Fire Mountain: Big Octo
   Star Belt Archipelago: Nothing
          Three-Eye Reef: 1 Heart Piece
          Greatfish Isle: 2 Heart Pieces, Triforce Shard, Beedle, Deku Sprout, Goron Merchant
            Cyclops Reef: Nothing
            Six-Eye Reef: 1 Heart Piece, Sub
       Tower of the Gods: Heart Container, Beedle
 Eastern Triangle Island: Beedle
    Thorned Fairy Island: 1 Heart Piece, Great Fairy
      Needle Rock Island: 1 Heart Piece, Deku Sprout
          Islet of Steel: Nothing
    Stone Watcher Island: 1 Heart Piece, Triforce Shard
Southern Triangle Island: Triforce Shard, Beedle
              Your Oasis: Big Octo, Deku Sprout
             Bomb Island: 2 Heart Pieces, Sub, Goron Merchant
        Bird's Peak Rock: Nothing
   Diamond Steppe Island: 1 Heart Piece, Big Octo
           Five-Eye Reef: Nothing
            Shark Island: Beedle, Deku Sprout
   Southern Fairy Island: 1 Heart Piece, Great Fairy
           Ice Ring Isle: Nothing
            Forest Haven: Heart Container, 2 Heart Pieces, Beedle
     Cliff Plateau Isles: Triforce Shard, Deku Sprout
        Horseshoe Island: Nothing
           Outset Island: 3 Heart Pieces, Triforce Shard, Great Fairy, Beedle
        Headstone Island: Heart Container, Heart Piece, Sub
            Two-Eye Reef: Triforce Shard, Big Octo, Great Fairy
           Angular Isles: 2 Heart Pieces
          Boating Course: Nothing
         Five-Star Isles: 2 Heart Pieces, Sub