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Super Smash Bros. Melee Pack Shot

Super Smash Bros. Melee



by PikaDude

             Super Smash Bros. Melee: Walkthrough/Guide: Stages

2-legal Stuff
3-Walkthrough/Guide: Secret Stages
3a-Walkthrough/Guide: Past Stages
3b-Walkthrough/Guide: Specail Stages


In this Walkthrough/Guide (which everone you refer it to.)
I will explain how to get the Secret, Past, and Specail
stages you will need.

2-Legal Stuff
Everything is legal THIS IS NOT PROTECTED BY 

3-Walkthrough/Guide: Secret Stages

Mushroom Kindom 2: Mushroom Kindom 2 originated from Super Mario
Bros. 2.

To recieve Mushroom kindom 2 get either the Birdo, or 
Pigdet trophy.

Planet Zebes: Brinstar Dephts: Brinstar Dephts originated from

To get Brinstar Dephts play 50 V.S. Matches.

Eagland: Fourside: Eagland: Fourside originated form Earthbound

To have Fourside play 100 V.S. Mode Matches.

F-Zero Grand Prix: Big Blue: Big Blue originated from

To receive Big Blue play 150 v.S. Mode Matches.

Kanto Skies: Poke'floats: Poke'floats originated from

To get Poke'floats play 200 V.S. Mode Matches.

Super Flat World: Flat Zone: Flat Zone originated from

To have have Flat Zone unlock Mr.Game&Watch and, beat Classic
Mode with him.

3a-Past Stages

N64 Dreamland: N64 Dreamland originated from N64 Smash Bros.
original version.

To recieve N64 Dreamland complete break the Targets  
(in the stadium section) with all 25 characters.

N64 Yoshi's Island: N64 Yoshi's Island originated from N64 Smash
Bros. original version.

To get N64 Yoshi's Island get 1,323 feet or, more in Homerun Contest.

N64 Kongo Jungle: N64 kongo Jungle originated from N64 smash bros.
original Vesion.

To have N64 Kongo Jungle Finish 15 Minute Melee  with any character.
Note: DK's B+Down attack is the best.

3b-Specail Stages

Battlefield: Originated from N64 Smash Bros.

To receive Battlefield beat All-Star mode with any Character.
Note: Get all 25 characters to unlock All-Star Mode.

Final Destination: originated from N64 Smash Bros.

Finally to get Final Destination clear all 51 Event Matches.


if you have any questions E-mail me at Juicebox500@yahoo.com