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Fall Damage In Mid-Air?Added 15 Dec 2013, ID #9537
If you fall enough that if you were to suddenly land it would kill you, if you use the air smash(B in mid-air with walking stick or Sting) you will appear to have landed very painfully on something supported by Bilbo thoughtfully remarking "OH!...Unhhhh..."

TeleportAdded 15 Dec 2013, ID #9536
If you fall for a very long amount of time(Most easily done in Smaug's lair, after Smaug has left, from the top into the chasm) then Bilbo may teleport back to the nearest flat ground from which you jumped.(Likely done by the programmers to prevent being glitched and stuck.)
Lots of courage pointsAdded 2 Aug 2008, ID #8557
In the beginning of the last level ( the clouds burst )
Talk to one of the elves about 8 times and you will get a whole lot of whiet courage points.
Waters of Vigour in 1st levelAdded 2 Aug 2008, ID #8556
Once you have found all the children and given all the food to the dwarf bombur. You may go back to the apple orchard. Look for a well that used to have a man standing next to it and go up to it. Hit "b" and and waters of vigour potion (used to make your life bubbles purple and prevent damage for a short time) will be acquired.
The Hobbit CheatsAdded 31 Aug 2004, ID #2575
Defeating Smaug:
The Ring will be no help you have to stay behind debris until all of the fires are gone. If you take one step out you will die even though it appears he has stopped there is still fire there.

Saving Beorn:
Push four different blue barrels located around the area in order to save Beorn on the last level.

Follow the Courage Crystals without stopping to
fight and use the ring when you encounter enemies to advance quickly as you are being timed.

Wine bottle riddle in Lake Town:
Get all 5 wine bottles in Lake Town and Malloc will tell you a riddle about how the bottles are arranged. The following is the order:

1. Yellow Wine Bottle
2. Blue Wine Bottle
3. Red Wine Bottle
4. Black Wine Bottle
5. Purple Wine Bottle

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