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Follow the dark path or use the light
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Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness Pack Shot

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

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Easy way to catch all of Master Greevil's Pokemon in Pokemon Xd. cheat for Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness

Easy way to catch all of Master Greevil's Pokemon in Pokemon Xd.

At the beginning of the battle, switch Salamence for Lugia and have
Electabuzz use Shadow Half. You need to do this first, otherwise Rhydon
might use Shadow Hold to lock your Pokemon. On the second turn, have
Lugia use a Lemonade or Moo-Moo Milk on Electabuzz to restore its HP.
It's extremely important that you keep Electabuzz alive. On the third
turn, either heal Lugia or throw a Ball at the Rhydon (catching it is
important due to its annoying moves), and have Electabuzz use Shadow Half
again. Next, have Lugia use a healing item on Electabuzz, unless it has
under 30 HP. On the next turn, Moltres should be at 25% HP and Exeggutor
at 50%. Have Lugia use a Moo-Moo Milk or Hyper Potion on itself, and
Electabuzz use Shadow Half again. If Exeggutor uses Shadow End to knock
out Electabuzz or Lugia, just send out Salamence and use a Revive on it,
then switch out for it next turn. Once Exeggutor has around 15-30% HP,
use an Ultra Ball to catch it. This should be around Turn 5 or 6. Have
Electabuzz use Shadow Half when you throw the Ball, so you'll half the
next Pokemon's HP. Once the Tauros comes out, you'll be in good shape.
Lugia will likely be weak around now, so use a Hyper Potion on it to
bring it back to health while you wait for Electabuzz to recharge. Next
turn, Moltres will be under 10% HP, and Tauros will be at 50%. Have Lugia
use a Lemonade on Electabuzz, and Electabuzz use Shadow Half. Tauros
should be at 25% HP, and Moltres should be very weak (under 7%). Tauros'
only attack move is Shadow Rush, so you don't have to worry about it too
much. At this point, throw an Ultra Ball at Moltres and hope to catch it.
If it's under 5% HP, chances are you're going to catch it on your first
Ultra Ball. If you don't catch it, have Electabuzz throw Ultra Balls at
it instead of use Shadow Half while Lugia heals. When the Articuno comes
out, start using Shadow Half again. Don't worry about Tauros, although be
ready to administer Ice Heals or Full Heals in case Articuno's Shadow
Chill freezes you. Electabuzz may be knocked out again. This happens.
Just remember to send out Salamence, and have Lugia use a Revive or Max
Revive on Electabuzz while Salamence switches for it, otherwise Shadow
Hold may get you. Use the Shadow Half + Heal tactic to get Articuno down
to 12.5% HP, and then start throwing Ultra Balls at it on Electabuzz's
turn. If at 12.5% HP Articuno doesn't stay in the Ultra Ball, use Shadow
Half again to almost ensure it being caught. Once Articuno has been
caught, you only have to worry about Zapdos. Before you use Shadow Half
to start hitting Zapdos, throw an Ultra Ball to catch the Tauros while
you have Electabuzz use Shadow Half. Tauros should have less than 5% HP
left and should be caught with one Ultra Ball. With Tauros out of the
picture, you only have to worry about one attack per turn, and that's
Zapdos. Unfortunately Zapdos has very high Special Attack, causing Shadow
Bolt to do a lot of damage, but still less than Shadow Chill + Shadow
Rush combined. Shadow Half + Heal until Zapdos is at 6.25% HP, and then
start lobbing Ultra Balls at it. If Zapdos hits Lugia on the turn
Electabuzz uses Shadow Half, you can toss an Ultra Ball at it on the next
turn to hope to get lucky if you want, because it will take two non-
critical hits for Zapdos to knock out Electabuzz at half HP. Once Zapdos
is at 6.25% HP (after 4 uses of Shadow Half), if you have a Pokemon that
can inflict Sleep or Paralysis on Zapdos, stop healing Electabuzz and
wait until it faints so you can send that Pokemon out. Continue using
Shadow Half, but have Lugia throw Ultra Balls at Zapdos instead of
healing Electabuzz. Eventually, Zapdos will stay in the Ball, and you
will have caught all 6 Shadow Pokemon in one battle! And you have caught some of the best shadow pokemon in the game.

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Jul 22nd 2010, ID#9105


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Dec 11th 2011 Guest
really long but thanks for your help.

ID #94474
May 17th 2011 jjmiller
Or just use the master ball cheat (in double battle, have first pokemon use the master ball [or any other ball] and with the second, have it switch he pokeball you are using with another and continue turn).
ID #43557
Nov 15th 2015 Guest
this cheat only works for pokemon colosseum
ID #625422
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