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Recipes hint for Paper Mario 2



Here are all of the Recipes I know... I don't know 4 of them... But almost all!
Shroom Fry: Mushroom or Super Shroom
Shroom Roast: Life Shroom or Slow Shroom
Shroom Steak: Ultra Shroom
Honey Shroom: Mushroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Shroom: Mushroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Shroom: Mushroom + Jammin' Jelly
Honey Super: Super Shroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Super: Super Shroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Super: Super Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Honey Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Honey Syrup
Maple Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Maple Syrup
Jelly Ultra: Ultra Shroom + Jammin' Jelly
Zess Dinner: Mushroom + Horsetail
Zess Special: Ultra Shroom + Slow Shroom or Whacka Bump
Zess Deluxe: Golden Leaf + Whacka Bump
Spaghetti: Fresh Pasta
Koopasta: Fresh Pasta + Turtley Leaf
Spicy Pasta: Fresh Pasta + Hot Sauce
Ink Pasta: Fresh Pasta + Inky Sauce
Spicy Soup: Fire Flower
Fried Egg: Mystic Egg
Omelette Meal: Mystic Egg + Horsetail
Koopa Bun: Turtley Leaf + Keel Mango
Healthy Salad: Turtley Leaf + Horsetail
Meteor Meal: Shooting Star + Shroom Fry
Couple's Cake: Snow Bunny + Spicy Soup
Mousse Cake: Cake Mix
Shroom Cake: Mushroom + Cake Mix
Choco Cake: Cake Mix + Inky Sauce
Heartful Cake: Cake Mix + Ruin Powder
Fruit Parfait: Keel Mango + Peachy Peach
Mango Delight: Keel Mango + Cake Mix
Zess Cookie: Cake Mix + Gradual Syrup
Shroom Crepe: Ultra Shroom + Cake Mix
Peach Tart: Cake Mix + Peachy Peach
Koopa Tea: Turtley Leaf
Zess Tea: Golden Leaf
Shroom Broth: Slow Shroom + Golden Leaf
Fresh Juice: Honey Syrup
Inky Sauce: Hot Sauce + Turtley Leaf
Zess Frappe: Maple Syrup + Ice Storm
Snow Bunny: Golden Leaf + Ice Storm
Coco Candy: Coconut + Cake Mix
Honey Candy: Honey Syrup + Cake Mix
Jelly Candy: Jammin' Jelly + Cake Mix
Electro Pop: Cake Mix + Volt Shroom
Fire Pop: Cake Mix + Fire Flower
Poison Shroom: Slow Shroom + Inky Sauce or Slow Shroom + Point Swap
Courage Meal: Courage Shell + Zess Dinner
Coconut Bomb: Coconut + Fire Flower
Egg Bomb: Mystic Egg + Fire Flower
Zess Dynamite: Egg Bomb + Coconut Bomb
Mistake: Incompatible Ingredients

If you know the 4 which I don't know... Please put it on supercheats.com cause I have tried everything to get them...

Here are some places of items for the Recipes:
Horsetail: Between Hooktail's Castle and Petalburg... Smash a blue thingy and it will go down and pop up again... Do it a couple of times and a Horsetail will come out... !!! IT WORKS ONLY BY ONE OF THE BLUE THINGY'S, YOU'LL SEE !!!
Whacka Bump: At the left of Keelhaw Key you'll find a mole, hit him and you'll get a Whacka Bump.
Golden Leaf: In Creepy Steeple at the left side, you'll see a small opening! Go with Mario in paper mode and when you're through it, go to the left and smash the tree with your hammer, a Golden Leaf will fall.
Hot Sauce: In Glitzville by the blue rat... He will sell it when you have done his trouble. (I don't know which one it is, sorry)
Mystic Egg: In the Great Tree, ask Petuni: Mario likes which person the most? And she'll give you a Mystic Egg. !!! IT ONLY WORKS AFTER BEATING THE SHADOW QUEEN !!!
Keel Mango: It'll drop out of a tree on Keelhaw Key
Peachy Peach: Sleep at the Inn in Twilight Town, when you wake, there's a Peachy Peach on the table.
Turtley Leaf: In Petalburg, in the garden of the person with the Pink House.
Coconut: You'll see a small island when you stand on the bridge by Keelhaw Key, go to there with a pipe and smash the tree, you'll get a Coconut


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